California Dreaming on a Winter’s Day

Earlier this week Dad left for a conference in sunny California. It’s the first time in quite sometime that we’ve been apart – and the kiddos sure are missing him. And while I’m enjoying hogging an entire bed, I  miss him too. So tonight we decided to break with protocol a bit and cook-up a weeknight meal straight out of California. The recipe idea was given to us by a good friend Beth – a great cook and former New Englander, turned Californian (even though she’s now mostly in FL). Beth threw out a few meal options and the kids liked the idea of Breakfast Burritos. Thanks Beth! So here’s to you Dad.  We hope you’re enjoying CA and can’t wait to see you! 

We went the easy ingredient route tonight – perfect for a school night. First we cooked up some tater tots to use as our hash browns. We then scrambled about 7 eggs which proved more than enough. Both Miss A and Mr. N cracked the eggs. Miss A whisked them together for us – and did a fantastic, and complete job. Mr. N then helped out with our scrambling.

We gathered the remaining ingredients: bacon, cheese, tater tots, salsa and to make them truly Californian – an avocado. Mr. N scooped the avocado and sliced it up. He’s getting quite adept at slicing and dicing. We set the ingredients alongside our tortilla shells on the counter buffet style and dug in.

 The kids really enjoyed making their own burritos. They both opted to leave out the salsa and tater tots; but they did eat the tater tots on the side. We had mixed reviews, as usual. Miss A didn’t like the burritos, but picked out the cheese, bacon and avocados to eat. Mr. N liked the burritos with salt and pepper. He did end up taking out the avocado, but only after he gave it a good honest shot. So Miss A gives the Breakfast Burritos 1 spoon, Mr. N gave it 2 and mom gave it 2-1/2. It was good, not great – but definitely easy for a weeknight. And most importantly, the kids and I had a great time together.

We finished off the evening getting the house ready for Daddy’s homecoming. Here’s a little taste of what’s in store for him. I love these kids!


4 thoughts on “California Dreaming on a Winter’s Day

  1. ChefDad says:

    I hope you guys saved me some for when I get home! That looks yummy, and it looks like you had fun making it. I like the Hi Dad sign too. And the streamers. And the pictures. And pretty much everything. Nice job on the streamers too, I hope I can get around in the kitchen.

    And Mr. N and Ms. A, thanks for keepin’ ChefMom safe–you’re doing a great job. See you soon.



  2. Grammie says:

    I bet Daddy loved this surprise California recipe!!! What beautiful decorations you’re putting up for when he gets home. I think there will be lots of hugs and kisses……And here are some xoxox from me to you!


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