We win some and lose some….

…and we sure are having fun! Tonight was our second foray with Greek cooking, and it was probably the most fun we’ve had yet. We opted for the Kotopitta me Feta (Chicken and Feta Pie) recipe using a homemade Whole Wheat Phyllo Dough. As we’re all big fans of feta and chicken, we were really looking forward to this meal.

Our adventure began early this afternoon with our phyllo. The phyllo gave us all the opportunity to do something we love – Mr. N got to make a pool of oil and water in the flour mix (he spends hours making holes and filling them with water on the beach), Miss A got to smash and flip the dough (much how she does with her play dough), Dad got to make a mess with the flour, and I just get such satisfaction out of a good a pie crust.  Continue reading

California Dreaming on a Winter’s Day

Earlier this week Dad left for a conference in sunny California. It’s the first time in quite sometime that we’ve been apart – and the kiddos sure are missing him. And while I’m enjoying hogging an entire bed, I  miss him too. So tonight we decided to break with protocol a bit and cook-up a weeknight meal straight out of California. The recipe idea was given to us by a good friend Beth – a great cook and former New Englander, turned Californian (even though she’s now mostly in FL). Beth threw out a few meal options and the kids liked the idea of Breakfast Burritos. Thanks Beth! So here’s to you Dad.  We hope you’re enjoying CA and can’t wait to see you!  Continue reading

A Big Fat Greek Success

Opa! Tonight we begin our Greek adventure. This is Dad’s first time at bat in this international cooking experience and he hits it out of the park! On the menu tonight – Psari a la Spetsiota, Dolmades with Bechamel and Sfiggoi.  Continue reading

Mr. N Keeping it Real – and Safe

In lieu of recent events (Mommy burning her thumb on the baking tray), Mr. N thought it would be a good idea to share his “Kitchen Safety Tips.” Unlike Miss A (who often breaks rules 11, 12 and 19), Mr. N is quite concerned about his safety and the safety of others. And he’s often quick to point out when Miss A is violating any of the rules below. Enjoy!

1. Be sure to wear good oven mitts.

2. Kids shouldn’t touch raw meat – and if they do, they need to wash their hands.

3. Be sure to wash your hands before and after cooking.

4. Wash your hands after cracking eggs.

5. Put long hair into a pony tail.

6. Kids should never touch the stove or oven.

7. Don’t touch the dish disposal.

8. Only chop with a sharp knife with a grown-up.

9. Let food cool before sampling.

10. No more than one person on one stool and be careful.

11. No standing on the kitchen table.

12. No climbing on the counters.

13. Be sure to wash the counters before and after cooking.

14. If you spill ice out of the ice maker, pick it up off the floor.

15. Don’t leave cabinets or drawers open or you can bump your head.

16. Make sure food isn’t moldy or expired.

17. Do not put your hands near the inside of the blender.

18. Don’t touch the blade part of a knife.

19. No running in the kitchen.

20. Have fun!

A Brazilian Valentine

After a crazy (but totally fun) weekend, we’re ready to have our cooking around the world night – and on Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect way to end the day. Miss A has decided to take us to Brazil after picking a color-coded country on her globe. This came as a huge shock to us all as we were sure she was going to pick a pink colored country. Brazil is green! That said, we couldn’t be more excited to begin our Brazilian adventure. This week we needed some quick options since it’s a weeknight and we’ve got homework and routines to run through. So our menu for this evening is Brazilian Chicken with Coconut Milk from allrecipes.com (I’m not sure if this is an authentic Brazilian chicken or not, but it’s what we found that works for this evening) and Pao de Queijofrom a great cooking blog Bewitching KitchenContinue reading

Special Thursday Night Edition–Holland Style

Today we continued our tour of Holland with Appelmoesand Slavinken.  20 inches of snow gave Mr. N a snow day, and me too, and so we decided to cook a day early.  Mom picked the recipes and they were awfully good winter fare.

Appelmoes is, I suppose, the Dutch word for applesauce, and this was good and very easy to make.  I peeled the apples and Mr. N willingly diced them.  Last week he was petrified of the knife, but today he started grabbing for it and talking like he was an old pro who sliced and diced things all the time.  Quite a lot of progress in a week, I was proud of him.  Nervous though, and nervous his little sister’s gonna want to start chopping things too.  While Mom finished dicing, Mr. N juiced the lemon, then drank the excess straight!  Miss A wasn’t so keen on that.  A little bit of spice, a little bit of microwaving, and a little bit of mashing and we had Appelmoes.  Continue reading