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We are a suburban Chicago family of four with a passion for travel, food and wine. In 2011, we launched our blog in an effort to open our children to cultures and food from around the world by cooking international recipes, all while sharing our family’s kitchen adventures. We also began blogging our travel experiences, visits to wineries and life as a family of four with the goal of learning and sharing in international, regional and local cultures. In 2016, we embarked on a seven-month family sabbatical throughout Europe, and shared our new adventures with our readers and followers. We are forever changed and grateful that these memories are part of our story and our fabric. They will no doubt shape the next chapters of our lives.

It is our hope that by sharing in food, wine and travel here in our small space on the internet, we will continue to expose our children (and ourselves) to all that the world has to offer. Everyone has a story, a history, unique thoughts and personal beliefs, but most importantly, and above all, people are people. Love is love. Family is family. Friendship is friendship. The sun rises and the sun sets. It is a small world full of big adventure.

The Family

img_0697Mom (Kristy) – a 30-something with a nomadic soul, most often found in the kitchen with a glass of wine in hand. She’s a sushi and pasta junkie, and loves to make a good homemade pie or pastry dough. When it comes to wine she’s all about any dry red, but will enjoy a good Champagne, dry Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc. She has a constant need to travel, write and experience new things, and while she prefers visiting new places (especially those with wineries to explore), a few keep calling her back – Cinque Terre, Spain, Budapest, Maine, Colorado and the Finger Lakes, to name a few.

Dad (Mike) – a little older than Mom, and loves to cook too.  He’s a wizard with the wok, and makes a mean gnocchi with vodka sauce. He enjoys learning about pairing wine with food, but when in doubt pairs it with Xtreme Cheddar goldfish crackers. He definitely prefers red wine to white, but is always open to new varietals. Cab Franc sits at the top of his list. As for his favorite travel destinations, Bora Bora, New York City, Madrid and Traverse City, Michigan definitely make the list.

IMG_9000Mr. N – a 12-year old traveler, actor and budding foodie. Mr. N will try any food at least once and loves to travel almost as much as his parents. He’s a road warrior and doesn’t miss a historical roadside marker. His favorite foods are pizza, patatas bravas, spicy Asian dishes, blackberry cobbler and calamari. He likes to travel to Budapest, Hawaii, the Finger Lakes region, Barcelona and Colorado.

Miss A – an 8-year old adventurist and harsh food critic. img_5249She is a bit more particular when it comes to trying new foods, but she has absolutely no reservations when it comes to anything involving traveling, running, jumping, skipping, flipping, or dancing (Miss A frequently engages in perpetual motion.). Her favorite foods are steak, patatas bravas, spaghetti alla carbonara, deviled eggs, sushi and fruit. Miss A likes to vacation to Budapest, Paris, Barcelona, the Finger Lakes, Colorado and Hawaii.

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