One More Pie

It is now officially the holiday season, and with that, we bring you our giveaway winners! Continue reading

Five Years of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow Americans! Today’s post will be brief. Our friends arrive this morning and soon the cooking and feasting will begin. But first, we want to celebrate you, our readers for whom we are truly grateful. And in keeping with the spirit of the holidays, we have THREE special giveaways to share with you. Continue reading

(Overly) Sweet Thanksgiving Memories

In our family, like many other American families, Thanksgiving is a feasting holiday. The buffet is endless and we eat until the thought of one more bite makes us cringe. We eat until it hurts…. Continue reading

Skin in the Game

We’ve known for some time that Mr. N loves theater and it didn’t take us long to realize this was more than a mere hobby. Maybe it’s the art of performance, or the camaraderie of the group, the ability to engage the imagination, or what is learned from walking in someone else’s shoes. Whatever it is, acting is intrinsically woven into his very soul.  Continue reading

Seasons Change

This is Mr. N’s first year of middle school. That means walking a fine line on Halloween. He absolutely did not want to miss trick or treating, but he also didn’t want to be caught dead in anything “babyish” or that might entice ridicule. So what to do? Gruesome? Clever? Or silly? Continue reading

Through Their Eyes – And Our Giveaway Winner!

What do you get when you combine kids and cameras, stunning weather and Chicago’s lakefront? Our first “Through Their Eyes” post. Continue reading