The FTC Romanian Style

By the “FTC,” I’m of course referring to the French Toast Challenge and would you believe when I was searching for Romanian recipes I came across a Romanian French toast? It was meant to be and so it was…our anniversary breakfast.

Mike and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary this past weekend. I can’t believe it’s already been 12 years. We’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs, and I can honestly say, I love this man more today than ever. We celebrated our anniversary in style (Eva – I wore my pink and orange stilettos!) with a delicious dinner, a great bottle of wine and a lovely late night walk (not in the stilettos). I may try to recreate one of the appetizers from our dinner soon. It was too delicious not to – bacon wrapped dates, stuffed with blue cheese and topped with a balsamic reduction. Oh, my, my, my.

But I digress. Back to the Romanian feast of the day. While the Ciuperci pe Friganele doesn’t exactly scream romantic breakfast, we figured it was best to whip up the mushroom laden French toast while the kids were at Nana and Papa’s. We are slowly converting them, but mushrooms would not have screamed breakfast of the year to the kids; plus Mike and I like making breakfast together while the kids are out. It’s a little something reminiscent of days gone by. I still remember the first time Mike made me breakfast. It was of course French toast; however, it didn’t start with chopped mushrooms. Continue reading

Isn’t Life Grand

Before we bid adieu to our culinary tour of Greenland, we had to try one more recipe. Back when we made our Kalaallit Kaagiat (Greenlandic Cake), one of our commenters asked if it would make a good French toast. It also just so happened that we had recently printed off Linda’s recipe for Grand Marnier French Toast over at Savoring Every Bite. And having just purchased a bottle of Grand Marnier for our Greenlandic Coffee, well, you know where this is going…  Continue reading

Cinderella Story

By Mike

It’s March Madness time, and that means basketb–er, French Toast.  As regular readers are aware, this year we’re trying French Toast recipes that we’ll seed into a final four-style showdown to determine the best of the best next March.  One great thing about March Madness on the basketball court is the history of rags-to-riches stories of lesser-known teams rising up and taking down the giants of the game.  Sadly, as bluebloods Kansas and Kentucky get set to square off tomorrow for the 2012 NCAA basketball title, there will be no Cinderella on the court this year.

But fear not, French Toast fans, as Eat, Play, Love brings you the first Cinderella story in the battle for French Toast Supremacy. Continue reading

Another Tourney Contender

Don’t you just love a good idyllic day – especially in the midst of chaos and stress? The kids and I had one of those days today. It was just a sweet, happy and an all around good day. Nothing particularly of note happened, we didn’t travel anywhere exciting or do anything out of the ordinary. It was just one of those good days that reminds you what it’s all really about.

I had one of those moments in Hawaii too. I went for a run one morning and on the return trip I was running toward the ocean. The view, as you can imagine, was breathtaking. I was soaking it all in when a whale jumped out of the water right in my line of vision. It was incredible and again one of those moments that serves as a gentle reminder that while it’s the little things in life, life is also so much bigger than my daily stresses and hurdles. After that run I sat and stared at the ocean for quite sometime. It was a perfect morning.

My perfect morning was then followed by a trip to our favorite breakfast place where I enjoyed some delicious Hawaiian-style French toast. So what better recipe to include as our next contender for the best French toast, but Hawaiian French Toast?! We first gathered our ingredients which included eggs, milk, vanilla, fresh pineapple and macadamia nuts. So far so good right?!  Continue reading

Apple of My Eye

It’s state night again. Time to get out the United States puzzle for Miss A. She loves puzzles. Before making her selection, she first took the puzzle apart. Then put it back together. Then took it apart, asked me to put it back together and then pointed to the big purple state in the Pacific Northwest, Washington.

Washington is known for lots of fresh produce and seafood – apples, potatoes, berries, and salmon. Given the time of year, we’re going to focus on apples, the McIntosh to be precise. We came across this recipe in our most recent issue of Cooking Light Magazine and had set it aside as one to make for breakfast soon. Little did we know that it would come in handy for our Washington adventure. So, without further adieu we give you what we’re calling Gruyère French Toast with Warm Apple Syrup.

We started by thinly slicing our McIntosh apples. Continue reading

Planes Aren’t the Only Thing to Disappear in Bermuda

After a few stateside picks, we’re venturing off to our next international destination. This time we’re going to head off the coast of Florida to Bermuda. I don’t know much about Bermuda other than what I learned from Scooby Doo about the infamous Bermuda Triangle when I was a kid.

Mr. N is fascinated by the spooky folklore as well and has done some of his own digging into the stories. According to Wikipedia, “The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the Devil’s Triangle, and is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and surface vessels allegedly disappeared under mysterious circumstances.” While we’re not planning to head into the triangle itself, we thought we would cook up a breakfast recipe from Bermuda today. Our selection – Bermuda French Toast was an absolute winner. Dad is still raving about it. Here to tell you about our recipe is our very own super sleuth, Mr. N. Take it away Mr. N….

Continue reading