Tomorrow. I think I’ve exhausted the subject. But Miss A had a few things she wanted to say….

By Miss A
Tomorrow is when we go back home, back to school, back to life (and my bed and toys!).

Sabbatical Map 2016

Hello! It is me again, Miss A. You may  have read the previous post by Mr.N, Today (with the lists). There’s a list about what will we miss when we come back to the U.S. I think  we could name a million more reasons. As much as we are ready – we are ready to see family & friends, and, oh, a dryer – I imagine I’ll have a  good cry every now and then. My mom used to sing us the “Tomorrow” song from Annie to get us to stop crying. Today the word makes me want to cry.

Thankfully, Mr. N and I have become even better friends and we even have been planning a major battle with our toys when we get home. I can’t wait! I also have been writing a play called “love with a prince and princess” to play with my friends.

But besides all of the things we can’t wait to do, we are very sad inside. Mr. N and I are very sad to leave our friends from here, but at the same time really happy to see our best friends.There are many things and thoughts going in and out of my mind (and I’m not happy about the long boring plane ride), but I am very sure we’ll never be bored in our life. These experiences will never be forgotten, but live in our minds and Europe will be in my heart.

8 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Kelly @ Inspired Edibles says:

    Hello Miss A! Thank you for your thoughts and insights. I sure hope you got to have that toy battle with your brother upon returning – sounds like a lot of fun! I want to wish you and your whole family a smooth transition back to the US and at school. I hope that the return goes smoothly and that you and Mr. N have a wonderful year ahead. Welcome Home ~ ♥ ~


  2. ChgoJohn says:

    Very well-written Miss A. How old are you again? It sure sounds like you grew up– a whole lot! — while you were on sabbatical. By now, your tomorrow is yesterday. Time to call your friends and tell them all about your travels. I cannot wait to hear more from you in the weeks ahead. Take care till then.


  3. Eha says:

    Dear Miss A: think of home and friends and toys on that long plane ride . . . remind yourself of all the spots along that red line weaving all around Europe on your map – and you will be home sooner than you expect! New year at school: all the stories you can tell 🙂 ! And the hugest thanks to you and Mr N and your Mom and Dad for allowing us to ‘travel’ along with you . . . it HAS been a memorable journey . . . big hug to you all . . .

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  4. madre says:

    Banannie, your thoughts are so grown up and wise. You are always in my heart but my love for you is too big for my heart! It fills the everywhere you can think of… xoxoxo

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