Aching Hearts – Italy’s Earthquake

A place that was like a dream for us is now a nightmare for so many. After spending all of July in Umbria, we know this area well. While our friends are safe, many are not. I cannot begin to imagine the horrors of something so unexpected, tragic and out of anyone’s control. We are thankful for our safety, but wish we could be there to offer any kind of help possible. Obviously, there are many places in the world that are in need of assistance, but today we feel particularly heartbroken for a place we came to know and love.


We will soon write more on our post-sabbatical adjustment, as well as our reflections on our seven weeks in Italy. Until then…Italy – Umbria in particular – you are in our thoughts, hearts and above all, our souls.


For donations to those impacted by today’s unexpected disaster click here: Italian Red Cross or here: Save the Children.