Making Acquaintances – Bratislava, Slovakia

While it pained us all to leave Budapest, all good things must come to an end. Fortunately one of the benefits of traveling Europe by car is that we can take our time returning home, stopping at new sights and cities along the way. This time it just so happened that we’d be traveling past Bratislava right about lunch time. 


It was a Saturday afternoon and the town was relatively quiet, especially when compared to the bustle and energy of Budapest. Trams and buses went by, and some locals walked the streets, but it was certainly a contrast. We made our way to the Old Town and Hlavné Námestie (Main Square) to see what we could discover on our brief side trip.


Much to our surprise, the Old Town was filled with quaint streets, restaurants, shops and even a wine museum!

But first, Miss A has a few thoughts on Bratislava:

Hi! It is me again, Miss A, your old friend. Okay, so what wre we talking about? Oh yes, Bratislava. So if you like sweets then, the square is the place to be. It’s full of cafes with yummy goodies. In the picture above we went to the place in the corner, in the white building. It was called Kaffee Mayer. There were also a lot of wooden puppets with a spring attached to them that would bounce. I got a sheep. I also hope I got into a movie. They were filming in the square. The streets were very pretty. My favorite picture is of the bride. I liked Bratislava. It’s very pretty and I’m happy we stopped. Bye.


And I agree with Miss A. It was a very pretty city. We only stayed long enough to have lunch and wander the Old Town, but it was well-worth the detour. I imagine as time goes on, Bratislava will gain in popularity for tourists visiting Vienna and Budapest. It almost felt as though we happened upon Bratislava at the beginning of a new era and I’m happy we did. It was like discovering a lesser known treasure.


As for the wine…we were very pleasantly surprised. Having just spent two weeks developing a palate for Hungarian wine, Slovakian wine was strikingly different. We were able to taste about 12 different wines including both whites and reds and many of them were much to our liking. The young gentleman at the museum (which was empty except for us) was very informative and helpful providing us with a brief overview of Slovakia’s wine regions. Even if the town had not been as scenic, this would have made the stop worthwhile.

Unfortunately, we barely scraped the surface of this Eastern European city, but with that said, we’re happy to have made acquaintances. We had a wonderful afternoon sipping coffee, eating sweets, tasting wines, playing with puppets and wandering the windy, cobbled streets. I’m not sure that we’ll ever return, but it’s certainly someplace we’ll keep on our radar. I for one would like to see how the town continues to develop, and I’ll certainly keep my eye on the wine.


Speaking of wine, I’ve been remiss in posting the recipes we’ve made for Wine Tourist Magazine. In May, we whipped up Zwiebelkuchen for the Franconia region of Germany.


And this month, the magazine is featuring our Apple, Leek & Bacon flatbread in honor of the Shenandoah region of Virginia.


Both recipes are worth visiting. The Zwiebelkuchen garnered 3-1/2 spoons from Mr. N, 4 spoons from Miss A and I, and 3 spoons from Mike. The flatbread on the other hand, earned enthusiastic 4 spooners from both Mr. N and Miss A and solid 3’s from both Mike and I. However, the flatbread may make it’s way up to a 4 for me – it’s so easy to make, delicious and it’s something all four of us will happily eat!


So while we may not be posting many food recipes here these days due to our traveling, believe me, we’re still cooking! (And man are we eating!) Speaking of, it’s now time for dinner. We’re currently enjoying a day of rest in Brno while Mike is at a seminar, and tomorrow we’re setting out for Prague! So while we prepare for our last trip in Eastern Europe and leaving our home base in Poland in less than two weeks, here are a few more pictures of Bratislava. Cheers!




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6 thoughts on “Making Acquaintances – Bratislava, Slovakia

  1. Eha says:

    *smile* Well I have to admit to my abject ‘lack of historical progression’ if I still look back on an entity called ‘Czechoslovakia’ !! Prague has become such a darling of the travelling world . . . Bratislava: perhaps not quite such!! Thank you for the ‘walk’ and especially Miss A’s contribution . . . Central Europe has such a fascinating history – I do hope that your day-journey encourages just a few more people to try . . .

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