Thoughts of Summer

I realize that most people are still thinking about spring. It’s so close after all. Even if there is still snow on the ground. Miss A, however, she’s our summer girl and keeps asking when it will be summer again. She has been this way from the time she was tiny. She loves it hot outside. She wants to live in sun dresses and never have to wear a coat (I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve found her without a coat this winter.). And can I just tell you how cute her curls are in the heat! So while we’re bringing back a few of our favorites from the past during this month-long hiatus, we thought we’d share with you one of our summertime favorites. This one is also from one of our state-side cooking adventures which we do in addition to cooking recipes from around the world.

I hope you’re all doing well. We’ve been keeping busy and we’ll have photos to share soon. Until then, we hope you enjoy this past recipe as much as we did!

This week we’re dishing up a few recipes from the Rocky Mountain State courtesy of Miss A. Colorado is a special place for me, not only due to its unbelievable beauty, but also because it was where I vacationed several times with my mom, dad and sister (sometimes even aunts, uncles and cousins) when I was growing up. As a mom, I have had the opportunity to share many of these places, memories and experiences with my own little guys in Colorado; and it’s been amazing to see familiar sights as new through their eyes. So when Miss A picked Colorado tonight I knew it was going to be fun, but little did I know it would be an absolute winner.

For our meal we found a plethora of fabulous options at Agriculture-Colorado. The site is host to recipes from numerous chefs throughout the state that cook with locally grown produce and meats. Tonight we settled on Peach Teriyaki Buffalo Steak and Balsamic Glazed Fingerlings. Now we’re not new to buffalo – last summer dad and I tried buffalo brisket in South Dakota – but I have to admit I was leery of the steaks. I mean the brisket was lathered in BBQ sauce, so really it just tasted like BBQ. This, however, was going to be unadulterated Buffalo. We started with the marinade – ripe peaches, teriyaki sauce and honey.

We added all the ingredients into a blender and blended the mix on low.

Next we added a little salt and pepper to the buffalo steaks before combining them with the chunky marinade in a sealable bag.

After sitting in the marinade for a little more than an hour, the steaks were ready to toss on the grill.

Dad did his magic grilling and basting.

After about 7 minutes per side, the buffalo was ready and perfectly medium rare. Nice job dad!

We served our buffalo steaks with the fingerling potatoes, fresh oranges and a Colorado Cabernet (for mom and dad). 

This was truly a winner by all accounts. The Peach Teriyaki Buffalo Steaks received 4 spoons all around! It was shocking really. Mr. N, Miss A and I aren’t big red meat eaters. In fact, Miss A typically won’t touch it, but each one of us LOVED it! It was juicy, flavorful and just really darned good. Mr. N took one bite and about fell off his chair announcing how good it was, and Miss A asked for a second helping of “chicken.” When we explained that it was buffalo, she announced, “I love buffalo!”

The absolute goodness didn’t end there either. The Balsamic Glazed Fingerling potatoes were also a big hit – receiving 4 spoons from 3 out of 4 of us (you can guess who the lone dissenter was!). So this entire meal is a 4 spoon winner! Truly…

Stay tuned for the potato recipe – you won’t want to miss that one! Until then here’s the recipe for the buffalo.

Print this recipe: Peach Teriyaki Buffalo Steaks

20 thoughts on “Thoughts of Summer

  1. Charles says:

    Hi Kristy – I remember this dish! (I think… I definitely remember the picture of Mike at the grill!). It looks as good now as it did then, and I love buffalo. There’s a restaurant nearby which does a trio of meats as one of their main courses – you get three little slabs of beef, buffalo, and ostrich. Buffalo is by far usually the tastiest, with ostrich a close second. The restaurant isn’t that awesome – just a chain place – but it’s the only place I’ve seen in France which serves buffalo, so it’s nice to try it!


  2. Geni - Sweet and Crumby says:

    I’m so glad you re-posted this Kristi. Somehow I missed this one and the sauce and steaks look incredible. And four star ratings by all?! Maybe it’s high time I try buffalo. I have been reticent. I am not a huge red meat eater either, like Miss A., but if she gave it a thumbs up then perhaps I can give it a go.


  3. Purely.. Kay says:

    Miss A is such a sweet handful lol. You gotta love her though. She makes me feel young listening to your stories.. not that I’m that old lol. I still haven’t tried buffalo steaks before, but you’re definitely making me interested with this dish.


  4. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    Never tried Buffalo Steaks before! I wonder if I could even find the meat here in regular (or even high end) supermarkets. I’d love to try this recipe! Soon to find out!


  5. Eva Taylor says:

    I’ve only ever been to the airport in Colorado, but even it was spectacular (we watched a show that documented the move of the old airport to the new one with little to no down time!). The steak looks incredible, I wish I had smell in my computer! I’m with Barb on those potatoes, wow!


  6. home, garden, life says:

    Tell Miss A it is time to put a new bow on her Easter hat. That is what I did yesterday and had so many compliments. Yes, there is still snow on the ground here, yet I too hate the clothes of winter–and my birthday is Friday! Spring come on! Take care. Diane


  7. sallybr says:

    We just had buffalo pot roast – here in Kansas we are spoiled, it is easy to find great buffalo meat, raised organically etc etc. I love how mild that meat tastes!

    I am all the way with Miss A, as you know. We Brazilians are sensitive creatures and the cold turns me into a witch. And a witch with horrible mood. (sigh)


  8. Karen says:

    Summer will be here before we know it the way the year is passing so quickly. We are lucky that when we are in Maine during the summer that we have a buffalo farm where we can buy steaks. I think they are great.


  9. Profiteroles & Ponytails says:

    What a gorgeous meal and topped off with a Colorado Cabernet to boot! (I didn’t know they made wine there!) I love everything about this meal — especially the balsamic glazed fingerlings. I am going to have to seek out some buffalo steaks Kristy! Hope you are enjoying your hiatus but you still look busy to me. We just got back from Jamaica and I am trying to get back into the swing of things. Miss A would have enjoyed the opportunity to wear sun dresses and get braids in her hair!


  10. ChgoJohn says:

    Of course Miss A loves the Summer. Those golden locks of hers were meant to be sun-streaked. And there’s that “Les Canadiens” t-shirt! Do you have that fan shop on speed dial? I hope so cuz it will be a sad day when that jersey is retired. 🙂


  11. Three Well Beings says:

    I’m with Miss A, too! I love summer and as much as spring is beautiful, I always feel it is just the prelude to summer! 🙂 Buffalo is plentiful in our stores, and I’ve never cooked a steak, but I’ve had it as ground meat. I love a good barbecue, and buffalo is nice and lean. This is a super re-post. I adore the family photo! Have a great week, Kristy!


  12. hotlyspiced says:

    I think Miss A would love the climate here in Sydney. We don’t get any snow and can be outdoors pretty much all year round. Why don’t you pop on over? Love the look of steak – so well cooked! xx


  13. joshdaddy says:

    How funny–we just got off the plane a few hours ago, returning from a family trip out to Colorado Springs. It’s the fifth or sixth time we’ve gone. The buffalo looks yummy and moist!


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