Thoughts of Summer

I realize that most people are still thinking about spring. It’s so close after all. Even if there is still snow on the ground. Miss A, however, she’s our summer girl and keeps asking when it will be summer again. She has been this way from the time she was tiny. She loves it hot outside. She wants to live in sun dresses and never have to wear a coat (I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve found her without a coat this winter.). And can I just tell you how cute her curls are in the heat! So while we’re bringing back a few of our favorites from the past during this month-long hiatus, we thought we’d share with you one of our summertime favorites. This one is also from one of our state-side cooking adventures which we do in addition to cooking recipes from around the world.

I hope you’re all doing well. We’ve been keeping busy and we’ll have photos to share soon. Until then, we hope you enjoy this past recipe as much as we did! Continue reading

Ladies and Gentlemen: We Have a Winner

This week we’re dishing up a few recipes from the Rocky Mountain State courtesy of Miss A. Colorado is a special place for me, not only due to its unbelievable beauty, but also because it was where I vacationed several times with my mom, dad and sister (sometimes even aunts, uncles and cousins) when I was growing up. As a mom, I have had the opportunity to share many of these places, memories and experiences with my own little guys in Colorado; and it’s been amazing to see familiar sights as new through their eyes. So when Miss A picked Colorado tonight I knew it was going to be fun, but little did I know it would be an absolute winner.

For our meal we found a plethora of fabulous options at Agriculture-Colorado. The site is host to recipes from numerous chefs throughout the state that cook with locally grown produce and meats. Tonight we settled on Peach Teriyaki Buffalo Steak and Balsamic Glazed Fingerlings. Now we’re not new to buffalo – last summer dad and I tried buffalo brisket in South Dakota – but I have to admit I was leery of the steaks. I mean the brisket was lathered in BBQ sauce, so really it just tasted like BBQ. This, however, was going to be unadulterated Buffalo. We started with the marinade – ripe peaches, teriyaki sauce and honey. Continue reading