Happy Thanksgiving and Giveaway Winners

Happy Thanksgiving! For those of you that celebrate the holiday, we hope you are having a wonderful day with great food, great family and great friends. We’re certainly thankful for all of our readers and everything that we have learned about different cultures, different countries, different states and each other in the past 11 months. Now without further adieu…

We have two winners of the recipe rock.

Mr. N shook up the bucket for the first winner. 

Then he drew a name…

Congratulations to Aimee from Clever Muffin!

Next it was Miss A’s turn at the prize bucket.

And if there was any doubt at how seriously these kids take the drawing process…look at her go!

After a good minute of shaking, Miss A drew her name…

Congratulations to Charles at Five Euro Food! Charles – this is your lucky week! First the fairy hobmother, now a grand prize giveaway (well, maybe not a “grand” prize). I think you should play the lottery this week too. 😉

Thanks again to all of our wonderful readers. We’re happy to have “met” you all! Winners, we’ll be in touch tomorrow so that we can get the particulars on where to send your prize.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Mike, Kristy, Mr. N and Miss A

38 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving and Giveaway Winners

  1. Geni - Sweet and Crumby says:

    I am so happy for your winners! What a wonderful giveaway Kristy. I hope you had a nice THanksgiving! GO AIMEE! 🙂 Clever muffin is an awesome blog and so is Aimee herself. I will now have to get to know your other winner, because I am sure that blog is amazing as well.


  2. Charles says:

    Woooooooooooot! I was scrolling down the page, click by click, and when I saw Aimee’s name drawn I just thought “oh noes, woe is me, all hope is lost”… and then I remembered it was two prizes, and then I saw Miss A’s wonderful smiling face and thought “yes… she’ll bring me luck today”. Even though I was just being silly, it turns out she actually did 😀 Thanks so much Miss A for being so sweet as to pull *my* name, and thank you Kristy so much for arranging the giveaway! It really is my lucky week – I’m totally going to buy a lottery ticket tomorrow 😀

    Just think of all things I can prop up there now… recipes, photos, my cat.Yaaay! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  3. Kelly says:

    Oh, Kristy… your little ones are *beyond* adorable!! It is not possible to look at one of your posts without a HUGE smile on your face… Congratulations to Aimee & Charles – They both rock! (couldn’t resist :))

    Happy Thanksgiving from Canada All – Have a Beautiful Day!!



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