Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and even though I try to be grateful throughout the year, I still find myself overwhelmed with thanks this time of year. So I’m postponing our Canadian vacation recipe for a special Thanksgiving treat.

Even though, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, there have been many things this year that have snored the mango, there are so many more for which I am thankful. It goes without saying that I’m thankful for Mike, Mr. N and Miss A. I thank my lucky stars for their health and happiness every day. I’m also thankful for my wonderful friends, neighbors, mentors, co-workers and of course the many friends I have come to make through this blog. My life is richer with each passing day. Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving and Giveaway Winners

Happy Thanksgiving! For those of you that celebrate the holiday, we hope you are having a wonderful day with great food, great family and great friends. We’re certainly thankful for all of our readers and everything that we have learned about different cultures, different countries, different states and each other in the past 11 months. Now without further adieu…

We have two winners of the recipe rock.

Mr. N shook up the bucket for the first winner. 

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