Just What We Kneaded

Well you had to know the next international pick was going to be a good one. Miss A is up to bat after all. Some of you may remember that last time she took us to the country of Uzbekistan which turned out to be quite delicious. So where did she take us this time? Greenland! And I have to say, she’s quite excited about it.

Now after my initial research, it became clear that this was going to be challenging. If you’ve ever searched for recipes from Greenland, they’re really few and far between. Especially when you don’t have access to Caribou (the meat – not the coffee). We did learn that Greenlandic cuisine is traditionally based on a variety of proteins including game, birds, fish and marine animals. It is also heavily influenced by Danish and Canadian cuisines. For tonight, however, we let Miss A pick our first recipe which we found on the Rachel Cotterill blog, called Kalaallit Kaagiat (or Greenlandic Cake). Continue reading

Three Going on Twenty Three

Birth Day 2008

We’ve got another reason to celebrate in our house – Miss A’s third birthday! Our little baby girl is growing up and way too fast for our liking. Some days it certainly seems like she’s three going on twenty three. Take her birthday meal request for instance. Here’s how the conversation went: “What do you want for your birthday dinner?” Miss A responded without hesitation, “Cookies.”

“Yes, honey, but what do you want to eat before the cookies.”

“Cookies.” (Gotta love her determination.)

“You have to eat dinner before the cookies – your special birthday dinner. You can pick any dinner you want.”

“Um. Something hard. A hard recipe. And balsamic.”

“Balsamic? You want me to make something that’s hard to make and use balsamic?”


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Walk Like an Egyptian

Okay, now I’m dating myself and getting another song stuck in my head. So now that we’ve had a few layovers for Royal wedding celebrations and fiestas, we’re back on track for our next international cooking destination and dad is taking us to Egypt! Tonight we had a great Egyptian dinner that began with a homemade Wheat Pocket Pita.

Both Miss A and Mr. N were big helpers today. Miss A and I began in the morning by dissolving the yeast and sugar in warm water.

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