Sunshine Days – Krakow, Poland

Last month we visited Kraków, Poland and to our excitement the weather was stunning. The sun shone and the temps rose to near 20°C (70°). I am sure that Kraków has numerous sights to see from castles and museums to markets and churches; however, our time was spent completely outdoors. Fortunately, Kraków is the perfect Polish city from which to idly wander.

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We Call It Home – Czestochowa, Poland

“Do you mean ‘home’ or ‘home, home’?” is a phrase often uttered when trying to differentiate between Czestochowa and Chicago in our conversations. We’ve developed a confusion between our “homes,” but it wasn’t always that way. Continue reading


Daily Sabbatical Life

We arrived in Czestochowa, Poland mid-February and have lived in our Polish home for almost 11 weeks. While we use this as a base from which to further explore Poland and Eastern Europe, we have also done our best to really “live” here – develop routines, make friends, and create a home. What follows is a glimpse into our daily home life as well as a few snippets from each of us.

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Power Rankings

By Chef Dad

At the halfway point of our trip, we decided to compile rankings of our favorite cities, NCAA-style*. We’ve been to 26 different cities, big and small, since we left home in early January and different places have made different marks on each of us.  We also included Paris and Barcelona, the cities we saw on our last visit, just because.  These rankings are subjective, with the criterion for inclusion based purely on the whims of the voters. We fully expect we’ll change the ordering when we do this again in a few months, even for cities we haven’t returned to.  (Full disclosure—we lost the piece of paper we wrote the first set of rankings down on and I know for the second iteration, Miss A changed hers—a lot!)

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Will This Change You?

Thursday and Friday of this week marked our halfway point on this journey. At the onset of the adventure we asked each other several questions. One of the questions was, “Will this trip change you?” We asked the same questions, and several new ones, to each other this week while road tripping through Poland. The answers, not surprisingly are changing, as are we. What follows are snippets of our halfway-day reflection.

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