My goodness! It’s already been almost two months since our trip to Banff. Time seems to be flying lately – between my work, Mike’s work, PTA, the kids’ schedules, the holidays, travel and did I mention work – I’m exhausted! So we’ve been a little neglectful in our cooking and posting (certainly not our eating though!). But not to fear – we will keep on with our international and state night cooking adventures (even if just a bit more infrequently than we used to). We enjoy cooking, learning, eating and of course all of you too much to let it fall to the wayside!

So long story short, the avalanche that has consumed our spare time is why we’re delinquent in posting our favorite Alberta recipe and visiting many of your wonderful sites. Fortunately there were no avalanches on our Banff vacation. Just good food, great views and a spectacular time. Continue reading


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and even though I try to be grateful throughout the year, I still find myself overwhelmed with thanks this time of year. So I’m postponing our Canadian vacation recipe for a special Thanksgiving treat.

Even though, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, there have been many things this year that have snored the mango, there are so many more for which I am thankful. It goes without saying that I’m thankful for Mike, Mr. N and Miss A. I thank my lucky stars for their health and happiness every day. I’m also thankful for my wonderful friends, neighbors, mentors, co-workers and of course the many friends I have come to make through this blog. My life is richer with each passing day. Continue reading

Land of the Ice and Snow

How about a little Led Zeppelin to kick off your Saturday morning as we take you on a little trip to the land of the ice and snow. As you know we recently returned from a little vacation to the North. Alberta, Canada to be exact. This was our first trip to the province and our first trip to the mountains in the fall. Continue reading

Like Father, Like Son

It’s that time of year, when we set our clocks back, and gain that extra precious hour. Most people, myself included, typically relish the extra hour of sleep this can provide. This year, however, I woke up promptly at 5:30 (what would have been 6:30 yesterday) and thought about how this could also actually give me an extra hour to get things done today. I’m always saying there are never enough hours in a day. Besides Mr. N and Mike were already up and at ’em. They are the early risers. And they do not move very gingerly about the house. 😉

Well, when we left off it was Halloween and we had some crazy good French toast. We also had a crazy good Halloween! Continue reading