Until Next Time

Today is our last post from our Spanish adventures – for now. I know Spain will continue to call us back and I look forward, with great anticipation, to returning. As we mentioned last time Spain had a way of presenting exactly what we needed at every corner, and these last three days in Getaria, along Spain’s northern coast in the Basque region were no exception.

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Costa del Sol from Sunset to Sunrise

The ocean is evocative. The water extending to a vast horizon, endless waves rolling in and drawing out, and the subtle movements of the tide revealing its dramatic secrets. The continuous crash of the waves drowning out all other sound, the smell of salt in the crisp air, and the tickle of the foam as it fills the spaces between your toes. As the ocean captivates each of our senses, it also begins to seep deeper and deeper, until it envelopes our entire pysche. Such was our experience on both the southern and northern coasts of Spain.

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A Pot of Gold – Rioja, Spain

By Chef Dad

In Spain, we were generally blessed with sunny weather, but for our visit to Rioja, we had partly cloudy skies and scattered drizzle. Nevertheless, we had Hawaii-quantity and Hawaii-quality rainbows, so we didn’t mind. And Rioja was our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.



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A Glitch in Time – Segovia, Spain

After leaving the bewildering experience of Granada behind, we drove north to Segovia. Everyone we spoke to recommended an afternoon or brief stopover in this medieval town northwest of Madrid. We didn’t know what to expect, and after Granada we were mentally and physically exhausted. Fortunately, Segovia offered us the perfect remedy. Continue reading

A Bewitching Labyrinth – Granada, Spain

I’m not sure I can properly describe our experience in Granada other than to say it was a bit bewitching. We felt unsettled, discontent, uncomfortable, and both figuratively and literally lost, but we were also charmed, enamored, dazzled, impassioned and wrapped in its embrace. It reminds me of how one might feel after being charmed or hypnotized by a beautiful, mysterious enchantress in a children’s fairytale. It feels slightly dangerous, but mostly exhilarating.

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Our Andalucian Life

When we set out to plan our sabbatical, we knew Spain would be our first stop. The only questions was, how do we fit it all in? The answer was simple – we couldn’t. Despite having four weeks at our disposal, Spain is a vast country with treasures both simple and great unfolding at every turn.  Continue reading