Quiet Reflection – Making Pies from Scratch

It has been a reflective week. Do you ever have those? The kind where your thoughts run a little slower. You have a feeling of nostalgia that you can’t quite pinpoint. You might even be a little more withdrawn and less talkative than normal. It’s┬ánot a wistful look back, a pitty party, or a time for dwelling on mistakes or regrets. It’s simpler than that. It’s calm. It’s peaceful. You could even call it a quiet acceptance – of what, I’m not sure. Maybe everything? Maybe nothing? Maybe it simply marks the closing of a chapter. A new one is afoot afterall. Continue reading

A Little Therapy for Mom

While it always feels good to return home after a vacation, it also takes a few days to get back into the swing of things. We’ve got laundry to catch up on, groceries to shop for, friends and family to catch up with, sleep schedules to readjust, cats to clean up after (apparently they were having quite the party without us) and loads of work and bills to catch up on. Fortunately we have some good memories to get us through – that and pie crust.

Pie crusts, for me, are therapy. I’m not sure what it is about rolling out a fresh crust, but it’s something I’ve enjoyed since we were first married. My first crust was a butter and shortening crust, but once I started making my Grandma’s blackberry cobbler, I began working with the double shortening crust. Pie crusts challenge me every time, give a true sense of accomplishment and most importantly, make for amazing desserts. They are also something that I like to tackle alone. Just me and the pie crust.

I start by sifting together the flour, salt and sugar and slicing in chunks of vegetable shortening.

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