Cesky Krumlov in Pictures

When asked what country  has surprised us the most, my answer is without hesitation the Czech Republic. It was a place I knew little about, but now, will never forget.

We’ve driven through a number of times, travelled across it by train, visited two big cities (including Prague) and two small villages. It’s full of forests, mountains, rivers, castles, valleys, and idyllic towns. It’s beautiful, quaint, charming, fun and truly has stunning views around every corner. It also has fantastic wine, outstanding beer and if you ask us, the best red meat dishes in all of Eastern Europe (and even some delicious, well-prepared vegan food!). Czech was a true treat for the senses!


As for Český Krumlov, we almost didn’t make it. We were running short on time and it was a bit out of the way, but Miss A was persistent. She had seen pictures of Český Krumlov in a book about places in the world to visit and this was her pick. Thankfully we listened to her.


While we only had the opportunity to spend one day in this picturesque village, it left a strong impression on us all. From the quiet hike up the hillside to lunch on the river, we fell in love with Český Krumlov.


And neighboring České Budějovice was a treat as well, particularly the real (and much better) Budweiser beer!

Our only regret? Not having enough time to raft the river. Next time for sure!


12 thoughts on “Cesky Krumlov in Pictures

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    How beautiful is that? I’m so glad that you listened to Miss A. She never ceases to amaze! I must say that, throughout your hiatus, the photography has been spectacular and the accompanying narrative warm, thoughtful, and sincere. You’ll be looking back at these posts and photos many times in the years to come. 🙂

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  2. Eha says:

    Looks totally ‘comfortable’ – a place where one would feel at home from hour one! And obviously the tourist throng is still ignorant as to its charms: Miss A has a ‘good nose’ 🙂 !

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