Memories of Spain

This is just a brief post to let you know that we haven’t disappeared. Between work, the end of the school year and the play we are…well as a good friend put it, in an intense period at the moment. Wonderful, but intense (and really tiring!). So until things settle down, here are a few images from our next stop on our European adventures this past spring. Barcelona

After Paris, our travels took us by train to Barcelona where we spent three glorious full days sightseeing and eating. We did lots of eating. However, if I had to pick one word to describe our Barcelona experience it would be – Gaudi (Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona’s most famous architect). We first took in his famous church, Sagrada Familia and then the public park, Park Guell. His architecture was instantly a hit with both of the kids who honestly couldn’t get enough. Personally, I had never been a big fan of Gaudi’s work. I had found it rather unnerving and chaotic. That all changed after this trip. We spent hours touring his works, reading books and visiting museums. I have to say I now look at his designs much differently and have found a whole new appreciation for his utter genius. sagrada familia

That said, no one was more taken in by his work than our Miss A. She fell in love with Gaudi’s homes, particularly Casa Mila. During our tour of Casa Mila, or La Pedrera, Miss A was front and center right next to the tour guide listening intently. She didn’t even glance back to look for us – she was completely taken in. At one point during the tour, Miss A walked right up to the tour guide and said, “This is the best grown-up museum I have ever been in. I love it.” After these first few visits, each day of our Barcelona stay included another Gaudi tour. touring

And as I mentioned we ate, a lot. It’s too hard to pick a favorite restaurant. We had at least four amazing sit-down meals that featured everything from paella to snails and jamon Iberico to croquettes. We had tapas, we had sit down meals and we had two wonderful visits to the Boqueria along La Rambla. It was a food paradise! La Boqueria

We all thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our time in this beautiful city. I know we would all love to go back again – especially Miss A. While Mr. N’s favorite city of the trip was Paris, Miss A fell in love with Barcelona. She could have stayed forever I believe. Here’s a few peaks at why, first the Gaudi gallery:

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And then the food and fun:

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Mike and I still can’t really pick our favorite city of the trip. They were all so incredible in their own ways. However, if hard pressed, we would likely answer our next and final destination. It spoke to the two of us in so many ways. It just felt right. We’ll be back soon with highlights of that magical city and then hopefully we’ll finally have time to start cooking again (and something other than quick salads and sandwiches). Until next time, please pardon our absence and know that I will pop back into your blogs as soon as I am able as well. Cheers!

24 thoughts on “Memories of Spain

  1. Tori Avey says:

    Kristy I’ve missed you! We are actually tentatively planning a spring European vacation for 2015. How was the weather on your trip? Spain is one of the countries we’ve been thinking about visiting. Love the architecture!


    • Kristy says:

      Hi Tori! I hope all is well! Enjoy planning your vacation. It sounds wonderful! The weather was absolutely stunning in Paris and Spain. It rained on one of our traveling days and for about 30 minutes on another day. Otherwise the sun was shining and the temperatures were in the lower to mid 70’s. It was perfect.


  2. K. / Pure & Complex says:

    Oh my goodness.. am I getting old? LOL. Mr. N and Miss A have grown up handsome and beautiful right before my very eyes. I don’t think you need me to tell you that you and Mike are doing a great job. I can’t wait to hear about your summer 🙂


  3. Charles says:

    I’ve never been a Gaudi fan – I’m much more of a person who like symmetry and right-angles, neatness and alignment. Of course, it’s definitely a unique style, but it’s much too “swirly” for my tastes. That cathedral picture is lovely – the things at the top of the pillars look so weird…like the mouth on some alien or something!

    Miss A’s face in the pic with the ice-cream, lol! Loved all the photos – I hope you didn’t try those cherimoyas on sale in that market! Those things taste revolting!


  4. says:

    Lovely pictures! I enjoyed looking at them and reminiscing about my own trip to Spain many years ago. I was not a Gaudi fan until I saw his work in person either. I don’t think anyone could walk away from one of his creations without an appreciation. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    I took two years of spanish seriously while I was in Japan so that I could visit Spain…then I didn’t have a chance and came to the US. I really hope to visit there one day! I LOVED seeing your photos and your beautiful family! it must have been a wonderful experience for them!


  6. Barbara Bamber | justasmidgen says:

    You know, I went on a 30 day trip that included one stop in Barcelona for a night or two in my 20’s. I’d forgotten completely how beautiful Gaudi’s work is so this was a real treat for me this morning! I think I should book a trip to Spain for the whole family at some point. My son went with his school but he said every single meal they served the same “buns” so I think we could improve on that! xx


  7. Kelly @ Inspired Edibles says:

    It’s interesting how getting closer to something can allow us to appreciate it in a whole new way. That in itself is a good reason to travel. Loved reading about Miss A on tour. Not looking back is big! Good luck with busy season. Hopefully the summer will bring more relaxing moments for the whole family. The ice cream shots are my favourite ;-).


  8. Jessica Maher (@kbelleicious) says:

    oh my! How much fun for you both and the kids! So glad they enjoyed the sights and i love that they are world travelers by now:) My kids have never been out of texas yet! LOL! Thanks for sharing with us. We love to see what you are doing and where you are going:)


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  10. Three Well Beings says:

    I understand the “intensity” of a schedule on overdrive! Occasionally I land in that camp myself. I loved the photos, and although I’ve never seen Gaudi’s work “in person” I have a fascination with his architectural wonders. I know I would just be over-the-moon excited to be on-site! Such a marvelous exposure to the world and its interest and beauty, Kristy. Fascinating art, architecture and delicious food…nothing much better than all of that. 🙂 Hope you settle down soon, not just for blogging, but to breathe! LOL!


  11. hotlyspiced says:

    What an incredible family holiday. I’ve never been to Barcelona and it’s a city I first heard about when it hosted the Olympics. From the people I know who’ve been there, they only have positive things to say about the city from the architecture to the food to the people to the climate. I must get there one day. It does seem that Miss A has been well and truly bitten by the travel bug xx


  12. Eva Taylor says:

    Oh I’m so glad the kids like the architecture, like you, I find it disturbing (so melty and organic and those EYES!). The food sounds incredible too. I’ve gotta get to my iMac to see the slide show.


  13. sallybr says:


    My favorite photo just from a quick browsing: Mr. N with the hat… Oh, my… what a charming young man! ONce he makes it to Hollywood, there will be a line of girls on your door, and then you can tell everybody I was the first one who predicted it… what? Not true? Someone else already said it? (sigh)

    I guess it’s too obvious…


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