A Moment of Silence

We will be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled weekly post. Tonight we’re going to have a quiet night at home embracing what matters most. We don’t normally comment on current events or the state of the world here at Eat, Play, Love, but today’s tragedy hits a little too close to home. And sometimes, words just aren’t enough. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those touched by this senseless and unthinkable event.

We also want to send up a little love for our dear friend, loved pet and quite frankly the boss of our house. Fuzzball, seen here cooking with Miss A not that long ago, was laid to rest today.

Our big guy.

Our big guy.

This is the first loss that really hits home for the kids, but they are both doing well. As you can imagine Miss A is her ever-happy four-year old self. Her one request (thought up all on her own) was to take our family Christmas picture early this year so that Fuzz could be a part of it. Mr. N, now old enough to understand loss, is having a harder time, but he too is coping. He’s left little notes around the house and has created a memory box for himself. Kids are resilient. I love that.

Us grown-ups…well, our hearts are heavy, but we’ve learned that time will heal. Fuzzball was Mike’s cat when I met him 15 years ago and he’s been on many adventure with us ever since. He had a great run and was one cool cat.

We’ll be back tomorrow with some New Orleans’ Jambalaya! Until then, be safe and give an extra hug to those that matter most.

Our family