And to wrap it up…

Last but not least, here’s the final recipe from last week’s Egyptian meal – the Ancient Marinated Chicken. We intended to grill the chicken on dad’s new grill, but within five minutes of putting the grill together on what was a sunny afternoon, it started to pour. So the grill must wait for another day – which no doubt will be soon as dad is quite anxious to get it going. Maybe we’ll have to venture to Australia next on this cooking adventure. Shrimp on the barbie anyone?!

Now that I’m salivating over the possibilities of Down Under grilled goodies, back to Egypt. We began by cutting the chicken breast into one-inch pieces.

We then added an onion, garlic and cilantro into the food processor and created a puree. Mr. N helped me to combine the puree with the olive oil, cumin, coriander and cayenne pepper.

We then put the chicken and marinade in a Ziploc bag and refrigerated it overnight. The next evening while Miss A was “helping” dad build the grill, Mr. N and I placed the chicken on the skewers.

Then it started to rain, so into the broiler they went. We broiled the skewers turning several times while basting with the leftover marinade. After about 12 minutes our chicken was beautifully browned and tender.

We added the chicken to our wheat pocket pitas with the cumin couscous for a healthy and intensely flavored meal. (I’d share the picture, but this is when my camera decided to stop working – but trust me it looked yummy!) Dad gave our Egyptian meal four spoons. This is his kind of meal. Mr. N and I gave the meal 2-1/2 spoons. And Miss A enjoyed the pitas which she gave 4 spoons. She did seem to sort of like the couscous, especially the golden raisins, but this chicken was a bit too spicy for her taste buds. Not to worry though, Miss A still has an Egyptian dessert coming her way – one will be right up her alley.

Print this recipe: Ancient Marinated Chicken

14 thoughts on “And to wrap it up…

  1. Caroline says:

    YUM! It always makes such a difference when you marinate the chicken overnight–gives the meat so much more flavor than when you just let it sit for a few hours. Bummer about the rain! I woke up to it this morning as well.


  2. Kay aka Babygirl says:

    You know this dish reminds me of a Greek dish that’s similar. And I don’t blame dad for wanting to grill. I have wanted some BBQ for awhile now and I am getting anxious over here lol. And don’t start telling me about shrimp on the barbie when I am hungry Kristy LOL. Honestly, I really enjoy coming to your blog everyday.. wonderful as always.


  3. Charles says:

    Mm, “meat on sticks” – I said on my site once before that it doesn’t get much better than that! Looks like the sort of thing that would go really well with a yoghurt and mint side sauce for dipping too!


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