No Feast is Complete without Dessert!

And last, but not least is our recipe for Easy Berry Mini-Trifle which we ate to round off our British Feast. (As if we didn’t have enough food to begin with!) After reading quite a few different trifle recipes it became clear that we could really customize this however we wanted. We left out the liquor this time and went the easy route and bought pre-made ingredients. Also, rather than making the trifle in one large glass bowl, we made several varieties in drinking glasses so that everyone could pick their own ingredients.

I would recommend using smaller, wider juice glasses if using this method. Sadly over the past 11 years of marriage all of ours seem to have broken or disappeared. So we made do with these.

First we cut a slice of a pound cake loaf and fit it  into the bottom of the glass. Next we added a spoonful of fruit preserves and topped that with fresh berries. For the pudding layer we used Jell-O Temptations and topped that with whipped cream. We garnished with fruit and chilled the trifle for two hours.

For the preserves we used either strawberry or raspberry and matched the fresh fruit accordingly. Dad, Mr. N and Miss A used the Raspberry Cheesecake Temptation by Jell-O, and Mr. L and I used the Lemon Meringue flavor. These little trifles received 4 spoons all around!

The glasses proved a little too difficult for the kids to get a bit of each layer in every bite, so we went to bowls for them. As you can see, they didn’t seem to mind.

I’m sure using homemade ingredients would make this even more delicious, but I’ve got to say, this wasn’t bad at all! And so easy! I liked the contrast of the sweet and the sour with the lemon and raspberry, and dad and the kids liked how the raspberry cheesecake pudding complemented the fruit. Really though, the combinations are endless. What flavors would you combine?

Print this recipe: Easy Berry Mini-Trifle

14 thoughts on “No Feast is Complete without Dessert!

  1. thefooddoctor says:

    I love trifle and these mini ones look heavenly!
    I will give them a try soon..
    Glad I’m not the only one who breaks stuff..
    your kids are super cute by the way, love how you incorporate them in making the recipes 🙂


    • ChefMom says:

      Thank you! These little trifles were soooo good. And almost too easy to make. 😉 Thanks for visiting. You’ll have to let us know if you try the trifle and what flavors you end up using. 🙂


  2. Kay aka Babygirl says:

    How did I miss this delectable masterpiece? I have no idea but thank goodness I found this recipe now lol. I love this easy berry mini trifle recipe. I already emailed this to my mother, we have to have a movie night with these as our dessert. Love this.


      • Kay aka Babygirl says:

        I almost forgot to tell you. Me and my mom made it for our movie night and we loved it. Instead of using whipped cream, we used homemade ice cream that we made together because she felt the taste for some. My mom told me to tell you, she adored the recipe. We felt like little girls for the night 🙂


        • ChefMom says:

          Thanks for letting us know. I’m so glad that you guys liked it. The ice cream sounds like a wonderful addition! And I love that you and your mom made it together. 🙂 Please pass along my thanks to your mom. Have a great weekend Kay!


    • ChefMom says:

      A little too much this week Charles! LOL. Thanks for the stale cake suggestion. That will come in handy. When we make cakes, which isn’t often, we never finish the whole thing. That would be a great use for leftovers!


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