Minnes-O-ta Maple Chicken

Tonight’s stateside dinner was especially fun for us because Minnesota holds a special place in our hearts. We spent several years (away from our family and friends) living in Winona, MN where we made great new friends, traveled the state and welcomed our darling Miss A to the family. Lutefisk, lefse and hot dishes are among the traditional dishes for which Minnesota is known, but local cuisine often makes use of fresh fish, wild rice and locally grown produce.

Now admittedly while in Minnesota we never ate Lutefisk, lefse or hot dishes. We did however eat lots of locally grown produce, wonderful homemade doughnuts and deli sandwiches from our favorite restaurant, The Acoustic Cafe

Sadly we can’t quite reproduce the delicious little sandwiches we love so much (and that’s not for lack of trying!), so we instead chose a Maple Baked Chicken. Mr. N and Miss A were both very excited for Minnesota night, and for a recipe that combines syrup, chicken and oatmeal! 

For the first step we combined pecans and oatmeal into the food processor. Mr. N took care of the oats and processed those for us. Then Miss A had her turn with the pecans and was loving the pulse button.

Next Mr. N and Miss A dipped the chicken breasts in the maple syrup and coated them with the oats/pecans. This dinner was really entirely their effort tonight! Finally the chicken was put into the baking dish and were good to go! 

The chicken baked for 40 minutes all the while filling the kitchen with a wonderful and sweet aroma. And the end-result was as pleasing – or should we say Minnesota nice.

The chicken was moist, sweet and flavorful. Dad gave the dish a full 4 spoons, Mr. N, Miss A and I all gave it 3 spoons. This was definitely an easy weeknight meal and one that gave us the opportunity to talk about some favorite memories of what we still fondly think of as home.

Tonight was some good home cooking…(Photo taken on our last day as Minnesotans a year ago.)

Print this recipe: Maple Baked Chicken

7 thoughts on “Minnes-O-ta Maple Chicken

  1. kat says:

    That looks good! I love baked chicken, so much better than frying it! I did a post on my version of crispy chicken skewers here: http://shecooksandheeats.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/theres-nothing-like-nuggets-and-boobies/. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks for sharing! I’m new to blogging and love that there is a foodie community! If you have time, please check out my blog: http://shecooksandheeats.wordpress.com/. And of course! Any advice would be great 🙂


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