Round and Round We Go

It’s my turn to pick our next food adventure. I’ve narrowed it down to three places that I’m most interested in (today at least). The first is Jordan. My best friend leaves for a Jordan/Turkey adventure this weekend, so this seemed like a natural choice. (Be safe and have fun SusieQ!) The second is South Africa. Last week I watched the season finale of the Bachelor (horrible reality television I know) and I was in awe of the South African landscape. It was not at all what I expected. I would love to travel there someday, but for now our food adventure will have to suffice. And lastly, my third choice is New Zealand and mainly because we haven’t tried food from that part of the world yet. Since I’m feeling indecisive this week (and insanely busy with work) I decided to put the next food adventure destination up to vote. Let us know where you’d like to go….

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