Perfect Timing

We were recently tagged by Mary at Inside a British Mum’s Kitchen with the 7 Link Challenge in which we have to link 7 of our posts to the 7 challenges. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I was hit with a stomach bug this weekend which left me pretty much useless. Fortunately Mike stepped in for me with the kids and gave me lots of time for some R and R. I love that guy! So Mary’s tag gives me a good excuse to not have to think about food too much, because I’m still not ready to think about food. Maybe tomorrow.

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And the winner is…(drum roll)

New Zealand! Thank you to everyone that participated in the poll. It was fun and we’re definitely excited about New Zealand (which won by a landslide). As we began our recipe search we learned several things about this country down under. One of the most fun facts – especially to the kids – is that New Zealanders refer to themselves as Kiwis. Mr. N and Miss A both thought this was great and are excited to include kiwis in one of our recipes. We also learned that New Zealand is best known for its lamb dishes even though chicken is the most consumed meat. And finally, much to dad’s dismay they grow and eat a lot of kumara (sweet potatoes). As for today’s meal we selected the Sausage Roll – a popular snack made in a variety of ways – and Curried Kumara with Roasted Cashews. Continue reading