Perfect Timing

We were recently tagged by Mary at Inside a British Mum’s Kitchen with the 7 Link Challenge in which we have to link 7 of our posts to the 7 challenges. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I was hit with a stomach bug this weekend which left me pretty much useless. Fortunately Mike stepped in for me with the kids and gave me lots of time for some R and R. I love that guy! So Mary’s tag gives me a good excuse to not have to think about food too much, because I’m still not ready to think about food. Maybe tomorrow.

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A Royal Feast

This weekend we are diverting from our regular rotation for selecting international cuisine. I mean how could we pass up an opportunity to tour the culinary delights of Britain what with the Royal wedding and all! So, Dad agreed to push his pick off for next weekend in order for us to try a traditional British feast.

I was fortunate enough to visit Great Britain after I graduated college and even more fortunate to have arrived the day of the Queen’s Birthday Parade (which incidentally is not celebrated on her actual birthday)! Talk about a tourist delight – to see the Royal family parading by and I had a front row view! It’s something I will never forget…unlike the food, which I really can’t recall. I’m fairly certain for the two days we spent in London, I mostly ate fish and chips washed down with local lager. That’s why for tonight’s meal I consulted Charles, who is a Briton living in France and creator of the Five Euro Food blog, and Alison who comes from Northern Ireland and is the creator of Happy Domesticity about what to expect from a traditional British meal. Both Charles and Alison said the meal had to be a traditional Sunday lunch – Roast Beef with Roasted Potatoes. Two answers, exactly the same…we knew we had our meal plan.

We began the Roast Beef with Port Merlot Pan Sauce early this afternoon by cutting away the cartilage and excess fat from the top sirloin roast. Continue reading