Four Letter Words and Other Takeaways

In our “hometown” of Czestochowa, Poland, all roads lead to the Jasna Góra (seriously no matter which road we found ourselves on, it appeared to lead back to the monastery). An extensive complex, the Jasna Góra is a shrine to the Virgin Mary and was built in the late 14th century. It is a place of pilgramage and a spiritual center. It is also home to the famed Black Madonna of Czestochowa, believed to have miraculous power.


No matter your beliefs, this place is impressive. Our recent tour of the shrine with the friendly, humorous and knowledgeable Father Simon was a fitting end to this part of our journey – a journey that has brought us smiles, friends, laughter, challenges, sadness, tears, excitement, anger, knowledge, joy, peace, perhaps a few miracles, and above all together.

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I Believe in Miracles

The best words to describe Warsaw, Poland are not my own. They are said at the end of the English version of a film found at the Warsaw Historical Museum, and they capture the essence of this great city’s story and culture.

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Sunshine Days – Krakow, Poland

Last month we visited Kraków, Poland and to our excitement the weather was stunning. The sun shone and the temps rose to near 20°C (70°). I am sure that Kraków has numerous sights to see from castles and museums to markets and churches; however, our time was spent completely outdoors. Fortunately, Kraków is the perfect Polish city from which to idly wander.

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We Call It Home – Czestochowa, Poland

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Daily Sabbatical Life

We arrived in Czestochowa, Poland mid-February and have lived in our Polish home for almost 11 weeks. While we use this as a base from which to further explore Poland and Eastern Europe, we have also done our best to really “live” here – develop routines, make friends, and create a home. What follows is a glimpse into our daily home life as well as a few snippets from each of us.

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Vacation’s End

March has come in like a lion. Will it go out like a lamb?

For those of you following us on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), you know that we arrived to our new home in Poland two weeks ago. This marks a new chapter in our adventures. Spain was a vacation. France was a vacation. This next chapter will be more like day-to-day, normal life – only it is anything but normal for us.


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