Fire Up the Barbie

Well, school kicked off to a good start. Mr. N survived his first full day of school. He did come home a bit hyper and over-stimulated, but that will cease in a week or two. There’s always that adjustment period. Most importantly though, he seems happy. His nerves are gone and it’s all old hat again.

Miss A had her first day as well. No nerves for her. She was raring to go. Unlike her big brother, she didn’t come home bouncing off walls though. She was exhausted and will definitely sleep well for a few weeks while she adjusts too.

Now that the summer is winding down, birthdays and anniversaries are past, it’s time to get back to cooking around the world with Miss A at the helm. After much consideration and at least three destination changes, she arrived at Australia. So over the next few weeks we’ll be sampling some recipes from Down Under and I gotta say, we’re pretty excited. Australia is high on our list of places we’d love to visit someday, and what better place to start than in our kitchen (or on our patio). Continue reading

A Contradictory Day

Today didn’t quite bring the same joyful bliss that we had yesterday. It was a Monday. It was cold again. I had (have)  four extensive work assignments all due by the end of the week. And we had to replace the brakes on the car, buy a new printer after it stopped working mid-day, deal with a messy plumbing issue, sooth a cut on Mr. N’s ear courtesy of the hair stylist, and still run through our daily routines. Thankfully, tonight’s recipe was super easy. Yesterday we made far more lamb than our family of four could consume which gave us the opportunity to try a leftover lamb recipe. Tonight’s recipe, Lamb Curry, will work with leftover shanks or roasts of lamb.  Continue reading

Making Ourselves at Home

We’ve been in our new house and new neighborhood for a few months, but today was the first day that it truly gave me the feeling of being at home. A warm front came through and the windows went up for the first time since we moved in, bringing in the smell of spring and the laughter of the several six to eight year old boys that were running through, in and out of, and around our house. It was a moment that brought a little tear to my eye, watching Mr. N run outside to play at the ball field with his new neighborhood friends. I tell ya these little ones are growing up too much this week!

It also felt like a “home” as the aroma of a big Sunday dinner mixed with the scent of on-coming rain in the air. And for that big Sunday dinner, one more trip back to New Zealand. New Zealand is world-famous for its lamb dishes, so the choice for tonight was an easy one – Rosemary and Honey Lamb Shanks.  Continue reading