Special Thursday Night Edition–Holland Style

Today we continued our tour of Holland with Appelmoesand Slavinken.  20 inches of snow gave Mr. N a snow day, and me too, and so we decided to cook a day early.  Mom picked the recipes and they were awfully good winter fare.

Appelmoes is, I suppose, the Dutch word for applesauce, and this was good and very easy to make.  I peeled the apples and Mr. N willingly diced them.  Last week he was petrified of the knife, but today he started grabbing for it and talking like he was an old pro who sliced and diced things all the time.  Quite a lot of progress in a week, I was proud of him.  Nervous though, and nervous his little sister’s gonna want to start chopping things too.  While Mom finished dicing, Mr. N juiced the lemon, then drank the excess straight!  Miss A wasn’t so keen on that.  A little bit of spice, a little bit of microwaving, and a little bit of mashing and we had Appelmoes.  Continue reading

Hunting for a Dutch Experience

These next few weeks we’re heading to Holland – land of tulips, wooden shoes, windmills, and Amsterdam. Admittedly we don’t know much about Holland but we do have a bit in our ancestry somewhere along the line. So tonight we’re going to dive in and get in touch with some of our roots. On the menu some traditional Dutch fare: Jachtschotel(Hunter’s Dish) served with Poached Pears. Continue reading