If I Was a Betting Woman

Fortunately I’m not, because this is one bet I would have lost. I should know by now not to assume what the kids will or will not eat. It’s not like they haven’t surprised me before, but this time I thought I would surely have been right.

Aerial of Greenland from my best friend Sue’s flight to Europe.

You see this was one meal that kept popping up on our search for Greenlandic recipes, and it’s one I was not terribly thrilled about making. In fact, I think we were all kind of dreading this one. Now you would think that would be enough to find a different recipe, but we were determined to give it a shot. After all you never know, and that’s what this whole experience is about for us – learning new things.

Aerial of Greenland, shot by Sue.

So we finally set to making the recipe for Halibut Cream Casserole. (I think it was the word casserole that had me dreading this meal. While I’ve had plenty of good casseroles over the years, I still associate the word with the many bad ones I’ve eaten.) The kids were also complaining about the meal before we even started as they’re not big fans of stews, but on we went. We started with the halibut, which we were fortunate enough to find this time – and on the first try too!  Continue reading

A Dinner Bargain

Tonight we continue our Greenlandic food adventure with a main dish recipe from The Official Tourism Site of Greenland. I have to say, the tourism department did a convincing job with the website. I had never really considered Greenland among the places I want to see in the world, but the photos are just breathtaking. 

That said, I don’t see us packing up Mr. N and Miss A for a tour of icebergs anytime soon; so until then we’ll live vicariously through the cuisine from the warmth of our own kitchen. Now as we mentioned in our previous post, Greenlandic cuisine is high in protein from marine mammals, fish, game and birds. We did try to get our hands on some caribou to make Greenland’s traditional dish of suaasat, but didn’t have any luck. So we went with our fall back recipe for Pan Fried White Fish and Roasted Vegetables. Continue reading