Island Time and Giveaway

Well we meant to get this post up earlier in the week, but let’s face it, we’re living on island time right now.

So while we enjoy our last few days in the sun, we thought we’d have a little fun (giveaway is coming…read on). Last month we celebrated our one-year milestone for Eat, Play, Love, and in these past few weeks we’ve had a lot of fun planning this post and looking back over our year of blogging. When we first started this little adventure we had two goals in mind. First and foremost, we wanted to open the kids up to the world’s many cultures. We want them to have open minds, hearts and an understanding that there’s a big world outside of our little suburb – which brings us to the food.  Continue reading

Going Against the Grain – Quest for the Best Banana Bread (And Giveaway!)

Up until now we’ve kept our banana breads on this quest pretty traditional, using all-purpose flours, white and brown sugars and even excluded nuts. Today, however, we’re going against the grain by going with the grain! Whole grain that is. Kelly over at Inspired Edibles was gracious enough to put together a recipe on our behalf that is entirely composed of whole grains and raw sugars. In case you didn’t know – Kelly is awesome (and so is her banana bread)!

Now, you can bet Miss A was excited to make this new recipe, especially when I told her that it had oatmeal in it. She loves oatmeal. So she and I gathered our dry ingredients including whole wheat flour, ground flaxseed, whole grain oatmeal, ground allspice, walnuts (just for you Kelly), baking powder, baking soda and turbinado sugar. 

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