Sweet Georgia and Humble Pie

The humble pie is for me because, well, he did it again. We had our greatest number of hits for ChefDad’s post last night. (Although I am suspicious that he was driving up the hits from his computer. ūüėČ ) I just hope all of this success doesn’t go to his head, but who am I kidding – it wasn’t his modesty that first attracted me some 14 years ago. In all seriousness, even I enjoyed yesterday’s post and I think¬†dad’s earned the keys to the blog controls every now and again. But for now back to the Peach State – and back to dessert!

While we didn’t make a pie tonight – it was close. Georgia being our state for this week, we knew we had to make something with peaches. How could we not?! So today, for my dad, and for Miss A who was not fond of the shrimp and grits, we made a Georgia Peach Cobbler. We adapted this particular¬†recipe from the one found over at Vintage Victuals, mostly because it sounded delicious¬†and easy.¬†Really – very easy. Continue reading

Now This is Some Southern Comfort

Today was a good day. Above all else, I was quite relieved to get the call from the doctor that the tick removed from Mr. N’s scalp last night was not an engorged deer tick, but a dog tick and these little buggers don’t carry Lyme disease. Thank goodness. And I have to say Mr. N handled the whole¬†ordeal with a bravery that just amazed me. He does not get this from me.¬†I would have freaked¬†out (or passed out)¬†if a bug was attached to my head and don’t even get me started on shots. Eek!

And this was just the beginning, the day kept on getting better. My camera was fixed, the skies were blue, the bouncy house came out of storage¬†and we had a darn good dinner. Tonight was state night again and Mr. N wanted to sample some good ol’ Southern food from Georgia. It didn’t take us long to pick our recipes for this adventure. The dish that stood out above all else – Shrimp and Grits.

Until today none of us have had shrimp and grits, so we were really looking forward to tonight’s meal – and it didn’t disappoint. We adapted this recipe from A Spicy Perspective who posted a version of shrimp and grits that got this whole thing rolling a few days ago. Continue reading