Libya Offers Double the Pleasure

Mr. N is at the helm again and for the next couple weeks he’s taking us to Libya. He wanted to pick somewhere in Africa, and after looking at the globe he settled on Libya because he’s heard it on the news. Apparently he listens to the news more than we thought. (I wonder if that means he listens more than we think too!)

When we began our search for recipes we found quite a few that were appealing at Celtnet Recipes. Some of the most common ingredients we found in Libyan recipes were olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs including cilantro. Tonight’s recipe uses these ingredients and provided us with a great option for a healthy weeknight meal. It’s called Dolma Mshakla, or stuffed vegetables. And as an added bonus, we get two meals in one as this recipe made enough for another new meal tomorrow night!

For our stuffing vegetables we chose potatoes for Miss A and Mr. N, and green peppers for me and dad. If you select potatoes you’ll need to bake them first – or if you’re running short on time like we were – use the baked potato setting on your microwave. Next stand the potatoes on end and cut the tops off. Scoop about half of the inside out of the potato. Continue reading