Rest, Relaxation and Recovery

In the last few posts we hinted that we were busy with an adventure or two. Well, we returned home today. We’re well rested, relaxed and in need of a post-vacation recovery. You know how those go…we ate too much, we packed a lot into a span of a few days and well, we traveled with two kids. It was a blast, it was memorable, it was full of laughs and smiles, and it was down-right exhausting.

Not to worry though, we’ll be back soon with that overly caloric, but fantastically delicious birthday/date night recipe we enjoyed a few weeks ago as well as some new Cuban cuisine. Until then, we thought we’d revisit a healthy and seasonal recipe from last year because quite frankly we need some healthy food this week. ūüėČ So enjoy, and feel free to take a guess where we were (Shhhh…if you already know!).  Continue reading

Rockin’ the Pumpkin

We’ve got one more pumpkin recipe for you before we head back to sampling recipes from the Philippines. This particular dish makes use of the leftover roasted pumpkin we had from our risotto¬†and makes for a great lunch or side salad. If you don’t have any leftover pumpkin on hand, it’s simple to roast up a fresh batch, just allow for an extra hour of cooking time.

So what is this easy, tasty and refreshing pumpkin recipe? The Pumpkin and Couscous Rocket Salad. Yep, it’s healthy and offers some much-needed freshness after all the Halloween sweets and treats. We started by preparing our couscous. We used a whole wheat couscous, chicken stock, dry white wine, fresh sage, lemon zest and lemon juice.¬†

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Passin’ on the Love and Libyan Side Dishes

Last night, after the kids were washed and bathed from creating a water slide on their new swing set that ultimately shot them out into a puddle of mud, we completed our cooking adventure in Libya. We made a fish dinner with a few Libyan side dishes. Tonight we want to share our sides as well as pass on the love for some awards we have received in recent weeks.

We are always humbled by and grateful for awards we receive from fellow bloggers, and Mr. N is always quite excited. We¬†were recently honored with¬†The Versatile Blogger Award from both Mandy at The Complete Cook Book and Mary at Inside a British Mum’s Kitchen. Both are wonderful food blogs with amazing recipes. Mandy is currently on a bread baking mission, which as a non-bread baker myself, I’m absolutely enjoying. One of these days I’ll make that my mission as well. I mean who doesn’t love a fresh loaf of bread?!¬†(Well, except for Kay over at Pure Complex, but we’ll forgive her that since she was the first to pass along this award to us a while back. LOL! Love ya Kay!)

And Mary cooks for a busy family with teenage girls. She gives me hope that¬†our kids will still want to hang around in the kitchen with us when they’re teenagers. She’s also the creator of our Libyan couscous dish from last night. It’s a wonderful couscous salad¬†that’s full of fresh flavor and veggies. (Incidentally it got 4 spoons from me, 3 spoons from dad, and while Mr. N and Miss A weren’t fans of the couscous they did eat all the chickpeas they could find!) Continue reading

Quick Cumin Couscous

I just returned from a girls’ getaway weekend with my best friend. It was a fantastic, relaxing¬†weekend – just what the doctor ordered. So since I’m stuffed¬†from a weekend of wining and dining on some really good eats, my camera is still broken and I’m in need of some quality time with the family (Oh, how I missed Mr. N and Miss A – dad too of course!), I’m going to keep this one short and sweet.

This is the recipe for the Cumin Couscous we made and used to fill our pitas¬†alongside the chicken (which I’ll post tomorrow). I found the recipe at Tour Egypt¬†and adapted it slightly due to the fact¬†currants aren’t available right now. The couscous would also stand on its own and is a wonderfully sweet¬†complement to a spicy dish.

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