A Bewitching Labyrinth – Granada, Spain

I’m not sure I can properly describe our experience in Granada other than to say it was a bit bewitching. We felt unsettled, discontent, uncomfortable, and both figuratively and literally lost, but we were also charmed, enamored, dazzled, impassioned and wrapped in its embrace. It reminds me of how one might feel after being charmed or hypnotized by a beautiful, mysterious enchantress in a children’s fairytale. It feels slightly dangerous, but mostly exhilarating.

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Our Andalucian Life

When we set out to plan our sabbatical, we knew Spain would be our first stop. The only questions was, how do we fit it all in? The answer was simple – we couldn’t. Despite having four weeks at our disposal, Spain is a vast country with treasures both simple and great unfolding at every turn.  Continue reading

Distinctly Passionate – Bodega Huerta de Albala

“We live and work to produce one of the finest red wines in Spain; a wine with the character, goodness and strength of the pilgrim who devotes each day to preparing his spirit for its culminating moment, because uncorking a great wine is like reaching Plaza del Obradoiro in Santiago de Compostela for the pilgrim. So before sipping those last drops, you cast your mind back and realise that the best thing was not getting there but the whole journey: every day, every supplication, every friend made along the way, every bottle of wine….” 

Vicente Taberner Carsi
Founder and president of Huerta de Albalá.

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We have a GPS in our rental car. We call her Clio (after the model of our Renault) and she is British. We are having a lot of fun with how she pronounces the names of Spanish streets and cities, and the kids are developing quite the British accents. One of my favorites was the way Clio says Córdoba – “Cor – doh – baaaah.” The emphasis is always on the last syllable. Continue reading

Sevilla – Through Mr. N’s Eyes

We’ve spent the last two weeks in Andalucía. While based in the White Hill Town of Arcos de la Frontera, we’ve travelled to Sevilla, Jerez, Cadiz, Cordoba and numerous small towns scattered throughout the mountains. The following pictures are from Spain’s 4th largest city, Sevilla – as seen through Mr. N’s lens. Continue reading