Now We Rest

We’ll see you on the other side (of sabbatical). Cheers!



9 thoughts on “Now We Rest

  1. Ray Jordan says:

    Awesome, Kristy, congratulations to you and the entire family on a magical adventure! And thank you for sharing sights, sounds, tastes and impressions with so many of us. Welcome back towards the fold!

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    • Kristy says:

      Thank you for all your comments John. We enjoyed reading them all and Mr. N’s curiosity is piqued about NO! 😏 I especially appreciated your insights on Prague. Interesting to think of Bratislava in that sense too. We think of you often here! And I had to laugh, since getting to Italy we’re swapping dishes less. We know what we like here and we’re happy to savor it on our own. Ha!! Look forward to catching up! Hugs my friend!


  2. Debra says:

    When your sabbatical started it sounded like such a long time away! Suddenly, it seems to be over! I’m sure there are some people waiting at home very eager to welcome you back! 🙂

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