Paris in Spring

Well, tonight is the big night for Mr. N. Opening Night. He’s been rehearsing non-stop (with the exception of school) for nearly a week. They are ready. He is ready. I am a bundle of nerves and excitement!picture time

So since we haven’t had the opportunity to be in the kitchen in the past month, I thought today I would share some of our pictures from our recent adventure to the City of Lights, our first stop on our spring break vacation. It seems like only yesterday. The pictures still bring back the wonderful moments and memories of our trip. I can feel the emotions all over again. I hope that never goes away. It was a trip to remember – for each of us. father daughter

The kids did a fabulous job on the overnight flight. They managed to catch about four hours of sleep on the plane, an hour in the taxi and then stayed bright and happy for a 15-hour day of sight-seeing and walking about. Since our flight arrived early in the morning and our apartment wasn’t available until the afternoon, to help with our time change adjustment, we planned a day outdoors and moving. We must have walked four or five miles that day. (Of course, drinking cafe au lait and snacking along the way!) Paris Statues

Since this was Mike and the kids’ first trip to Paris, we planned to see a lot of the renowned tourist spots – the Louvre, the Eiffel, a canal tour (as recommended by Charles), Sacré-Coeur, the Champs-Élysées, Notre Dame, a bus tour of the Paris lights at night (which we all slept through as it was at the end of a long first day) and the Arc de Triomphe. As you can well imagine, I took more than one or two photos. So to simplify this post a bit, here’s a slideshow of our sight-seeing adventures.

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We also managed to still have a lot of time for relaxation, dining and playing. I’ll share those pics in our next post along with a recipe for the kids’ favorite food from Paris. Can you guess?

As for highlights from this beautiful city, well, for Miss A it was the sidewalk games along the Seine as well as parks and gardens. I have to say, she was quite taken with this city, even exclaiming at one point, “I am made for Paris!” At the end of the trip she also noted, “I would go to Paris eight more times. I like it A LOT!” (Not nine more times…just eight.)

Mr. N loved Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Eiffel and the gardens as well. My ever-cautious boy, he was a bit concerned by all the scam artists, particularly after witnessing one woman who was aggressively grabbed by the folks that tie a bracelet to your arm. She was definitely scared and in a bit of a panic, which really concerned Mr. N. Mike too, as my ever-gallant husband, actually went to her rescue. Scammers aside (which we explained to Mr. N aren’t limited to Paris and tend to target tourist-heavy areas and how it’s nothing to worry about…just use common sense), Mr. N did enjoy Paris immensely and says he’d go back for sure.

Mike and I, well, how do you choose a highlight in Paris?! The gardens, cafes, the blooming trees (especially since we left snow!) and just about everything that makes Paris one of (if not the) greatest cities in the world, it’s impossible to choose. While we only had three full days in this beautiful city, we have no regrets. We did and saw everything we had hoped and had a glorious time doing it. We are so grateful for having had this opportunity and we won’t soon forget it. Paris at Night

23 thoughts on “Paris in Spring

  1. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    You all went to Paris! I wish I could hide in your suitcase… 🙂 I enjoyed reading your post, and tried to imagine the scene line by line… Love reading your post – very genuine! I wonder what’s kids favorite food in Paris. I look forward to find that out. They are gourmet children eating your food, so it’s going to be fun to find out. Mr. N seems like my son… I can see him react the same way! And my daughter is like Miss A. I can’t wait for next post! By the way, love your photos, especially family one. I also hope to remember of special moments with the family…and afraid of forgetting the moment!


  2. Caroline says:

    Looks like you guys are having an amazing time!! So jealous, I’ve been dying to take a trip to Paris! I think I would just eat cheese and drink wine the entire time…haha.


  3. Sawsan@ Chef in disguise says:

    What a wonderful journey! Looking on the pictures put a huge smile on my face, I can only imagine what joy those pictures bring you Kristy
    Best of luck for Mr N and I can’t wait to see more of your wonderful journey.


  4. Karen says:

    Memories that will last a lifetime for each of you. I hope Miss A gets to return to Paris 8 times in her life. I’m sure that Mr. N is doing wonderfully in his play and that your are all very proud of him.


  5. Eva Taylor says:

    Grrr! I just typed in a rather lengthy comment and turned away to see a text and poof, it has disappeared into space. Gone. Just like that.
    I can certainly concur with Miss A about Paris, both counts: I too was made for Paris (or New York if I must) and I would certainly return 8 more times! I’m sorry that Mr. N had to see the nasty side of a touristy city but like you said, it’s not restricted to Paris. In fact, our friends Paul and T (rock star bus couple from Illinois) witnessed a very similar event in Egypt and fortunately their tour engaged a few guys with machine guns to pull the rowdies back. It’s rather unnerving since we have such clear ideas of personal space. In Morocco (I don’t talk about it much because it was such an isolated incident) a fellow (clearly high on something) was adamant to be our tour guide, we kept politely declining but he wouldn’t stop following us. I finally turned around and near tears shouted to get the F!#!!!&!*!& out of our face and he stopped in his tracks, apologized and left us alone.
    I just loved seeing your photos and can hardly wait to hear about the details of the trip. Three days isn’t a lot of time but it sounds like you got the most out of it.
    Congrats to Mr.N on his debut, I’m sure he’ll do very well. I’m going downtown this afternoon to see my 12 year old neice Miss A in her debut of Don Quixote performed by the famous Ferruccio Furlanetto. Miss A has already cozied up to the star in the cast party last Friday and took an adorable selfie. I’m sure she’ll cherish that for a good long time (apparently it’s the first time he has performed in Toronto and he is very famous — I’m not a huge opera person but I do enjoy one from time to time.


    • Kristy says:

      I hope your niece’s performance went well Eva! How exciting to be in an opera! It’s definitely an experience she will remember for a lifetime.
      I’m so sorry about your experience in Morocco. That’s always so scary. The kids and I were accosted by a lady trying to push a balloon on Miss A in Spain when Mike was at his conference. I like you resorted to yelling. She was literally hitting Miss A with it. Fortunately the kids weren’t too scared. Once they realized they were safe the laughed about it instead.


  6. Bam's Kitchen says:

    It has been a busy an amazing month for your family. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and it is a trip your children will always remember as my kids were about the same age when we went too. They still remember all of the fun we had. Take care, BAM


  7. Norma Chang says:

    I am with Miss A, definitely would like to go back to Paris 8 more times. Spent a week there few years ago and visited many of the places you did, thanks for the memories.


  8. hotlyspiced says:

    That looks like a holiday of a lifetime and I’m sure it will be remembered for many years to come. It sounds like everyone handled the travelling, the walking and all the sightseeing very well. What a beautiful city and I certainly hope to see it for myself one day. Good luck to Mr N with all the performances xx


  9. Mary says:

    Best of luck to Mr N for his performance – I’m sure he will be wonderful! Lucky lucky you to be in Paris – it really is the most magical city!


  10. Charles says:

    LOVED seeing the photos Kristy – thanks so much for sharing them. So, so sad I wasn’t still there to meet up with you guys. Would have been amazing. Seeing the photos makes me a bit “homesick” actually… I was there for 10 of the last 12 years (2 years first, then a gap, then 8 more) and it still feels weird being away).

    So pleased you had fun. You didn’t say much about your apartment… I hope it was good, and that the “typical Parisian buildings” weren’t too much of a shock. They can look quite old and decrepit (and unsafe) sometimes!.


    • Kristy says:

      The flat worked out fabulously Charles. Perfect in fact. It was old, but well-kept. The kids loved the winding stairwell and the views of the rooftops was quintessentially Paris to us. It was in a great building with an interior courtyard and tucked in the St. Germain area. We do wish you had been there as well. That would have been so much fun! One of these days we’ll figure it out. 🙂 I think you’ll like the next post too.


  11. Three Well Beings says:

    Now that’s how to have a wonderful Spring vacation, Kristy. Your photos tell me you did pack in a lot of wonderful activity in a compact amount of time. The children will never forget this, and it most assuredly will set them on a track for many future travels. Now for Mr. N. He is going to be great! I can’t wait to hear all about it. I’m glad I caught your post early. I’ll be thinking of you all. ox


  12. Kelly @ Inspired Edibles says:

    “I am made for Paris” Haha! doesn’t that say it all? :). Sounds like the whole family enjoyed a magical time and I’m so impressed with your slideshow — some great shots too. Looking forward to seeing what the kids fave food was from Paris (does it involve baguette? croissants, chocolatine??). Break a leg Mr. N!!! Our whole family is thinking of you and the excitement/anticipation you must all be feeling… you will do GREAT! Of that, I am certain ♡.


  13. sallybr says:

    What a treat, to see all those photos, trying to figure out exactly where you were in town – I think I can tell the locations in almost all photos except three. But, of course, I could be way wrong! Delightful experiment, though

    Good luck to Mr. N! I don’t mind waiting for that autograph, the longer the wait, the greater the excitement!

    Great post!


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