Mushroom Madness

The kids set and ready to roll at 5 a.m.!

Today we roll back in from our big family road trip (regional recipes to come!). We’ve toured around for the past couple of weeks and had a wonderful time. That said, we’re all ready to be home. So while we get ourselves back in the groove of “real life” here’s another Portabello mushroom recipe for ya. This one is my favorite!

Our weeknights can get awfully hectic around here. Fortunately it’s a little less crazy in the summer, but not by much. And with all of this international and regional cooking it’s nice to have a meal that doesn’t pack on the calories, but still offers wonderful and savory flavors. I came across this recipe years ago in a Mayo Clinic e-health newsletter. Portabellos with Provolone is an easy dish that’s great for a meal if you’re looking for something light, but can also be served as an appetizer.

It’s very easy. Start with a few fresh portabellos, brown sugar, garlic, rosemary and balsamic vinegar. Continue reading

Leaving Las Vegas

State night is back! This week we wanted to see what the Silver State had in store for us. Las Vegas as we all know is known for its endless buffets and high-end steak houses, but we thought we’d venture a bit beyond Vegas. In researching the local produce we came upon many references to the pinyon pine nut. The pinyon pine nut has a rich history in Nevada where it sustained the native people of the Great Basin for thousands of years. In fact, we read that it was the primary source of protein for the Shoshone, Paiutes and Washoe nations.

We’re no strangers to pine nuts, but we’ve never had a U.S. grown pine nut. Sadly we won’t tonight either as they’re not available around here, but based on the reviews, you can bet we’ll be trying them the next time we head to the Southwest. As for tonight we’re going to make do with our pine nuts imported from China and whip up a Paiutes inspired Pine Nut Crusted Cod and a Spinach, Portabello and Pine Nut Salad.

The salad requires a simple preparation. Requiring only these ingredients:

Continue reading

Virtually Party Bound

Today was one of those days that we were all going in different directions, and mom and dad both had a bit of work stress. That’s why I was so grateful for the fun distraction. One of my favorite bloggers, Laura at Manna & Quail, is hosting a virtual dinner party on Friday night. As we’re always up for a good party, we didn’t want to pass this one up. The party’s theme is spring, and it just so happened we were planning to make one of our favorite spring/summer recipes tonight. It’s a healthy, quick and flavorful veggie dish – Portobello Pizzaiola.

We started with these fresh ingredients:

chopped yellow peppers, red peppers, a red onion and Portobello mushrooms. We also chose a petite harvest grain loaf and a petite ciabatta square, but any fresh artisan bread will work. Continue reading