Making Ourselves at Home

We’ve been in our new house and new neighborhood for a few months, but today was the first day that it truly gave me the feeling of being at home. A warm front came through and the windows went up for the first time since we moved in, bringing in the smell of spring and the laughter of the several six to eight year old boys that were running through, in and out of, and around our house. It was a moment that brought a little tear to my eye, watching Mr. N run outside to play at the ball field with his new neighborhood friends. I tell ya these little ones are growing up too much this week!

It also felt like a “home” as the aroma of a big Sunday dinner mixed with the scent of on-coming rain in the air. And for that big Sunday dinner, one more trip back to New Zealand. New Zealand is world-famous for its lamb dishes, so the choice for tonight was an easy one – Rosemary and Honey Lamb Shanks.  Continue reading