Kid Friendly Twist to Key Lime Chicken

We thought we’d throw out a quick update to the Key Lime Chicken recipe. We had three leftover key lime chicken breasts and they made for a tasty and fast Monday night dinner! We sliced the chicken into thin strips, layered it on a flour tortilla shell and added a blend of Mexican cheeses. Optional ingredients included black beans and jalapeno peppers. We then topped with another shell and toasted them on a griddle. To finish we dabbed the quesadillas with a medium tomato-based salsa and were good to go. Mom and dad really liked this take on the recipe from last week (both in taste and preparation). Mr. N was also a big fan – in fact, he said he liked it better than our meal Friday night. Miss A, well she still wasn’t a fan of the chicken, but ate the quesadilla filled with black beans and cheese (chicken was pulled out and tossed on the floor, table and chair! Yeah, we get the message Miss A.). So this bonus meal may give the Key Lime Chicken a bump in our book. Enjoy the week!