Le Ronca El Mango

Le Ronca El Mango is a Cuban expression translated to mean it snores the mango. In other words, when something is too much to handle or simply ridiculous. That’s kind of how I feel about 2012. Let’s just say I won’t be sorry to see New Year’s this year. It’s been a year that snores the mango (albeit not entirely – there is certainly more good than bad). But we have faced a few situations that were at the time a bit much to handle and a few situations that are just down right ridiculous.

That said, when facing ridiculous situations and challenges it’s often an opportunity to learn a great deal about yourself, about priorities, about your family, your friends and your place in life. One of those friends that helps me to rise above it all, so that despite the situations I can honestly say I’m happier, prouder and certainly grateful, is my best friend Sue. Her friendship is a gift. Continue reading