Our Family

About Us

We are a Midwestern, suburban family of four with a passion for travel and good food. In an effort to get out of the at-home, standard-fare rut, to learn to try new things and to open our children up to other cultures around the world, we thought it would be fun to start sampling different recipes from around the globe. Every month (or so) we select a new country or region from which to try new recipes. We also select a new U.S. state each month and sample some of its local cuisine (and desserts!). We hope to learn a bit about geography, culture, food, cooking and each other. Cheers! Wenz2012-114

Mom– a 30-something that loves to be in the kitchen. It’s the center of everything in our house. I used to think cooking was for Stepford Wives, but I’ve since found that it’s a great way to relax, share with my family and have fun. My favorite foods are sushi and pastas, and there’s nothing like the smell of a fresh loaf of homemade bread. My favorite travel destinations to-date are Italy, Bora Bora, Colorado, Maine, Hawaii, Spain and Michigan.

Dad – a little older than Mom, and love to cook too.  Fortunately, we like most of the same things. I especially like to cook in the wok, and anything with red sauce. I like to learn about pairing wine with food, but when in doubt I pair wine with Xtreme Cheddar goldfish crackers. Favorite travel destinations: Bora Bora, New York City, Madrid and Traverse City.

Mr. N

Mr. N – a 10-year old traveler and budding foodie. Mr. N will try any food at least once and loves to travel almost as much as his parents. He’s a road warrior in the making and to see the world through his eyes is truly an experience. His favorite foods are pizza, chicken, fresh bread for dipping, blackberry cobbler and calamari. Mr. N’s favorite travel destinations include Hawaii, Maine and Colorado.


Miss A – a 6-year old adventurist and harsh food critic. Miss A is a bit more particular when it comes to trying new foods, but she has absolutely no reservations when it comes to anything involving running, jumping, skipping, flipping, or dancing (Miss A frequently engages in perpetual motion.). Her favorite foods are mozzarella, deviled eggs, granola bars and all fruit. Miss A likes to vacation to Paris, Canada and Hawaii.