Monkey Business

The New Year is upon us! We are very ready to turn the page and welcome a new year, new adventures and renewed spirit. We had a fabulous Christmas this year, well four Christmas celebrations, each just as special as the next. And now with the chaos of the holidays behind us, we’re winding down one of the best ways we know how – together. No work, no cleaning, no chores, no snoring mangoes. Santa was here

So with four Christmas celebrations you can imagine that we did some cooking and ate some delicious food. In fact, we ate a lot of delicious food. The celebrations kicked off at my grandparents’ in rural, central Illinois with some of Grandma’s blackberry cobbler. The next day we returned home to spend the evening with Mike’s family (aka Nana and Papa) and we brought along our Chilean Christmas cake.  Continue reading

Feliz Navidad

It’s time for our next cooking around the world adventure and Mr. N is taking us to South America – Chile to be exact. Now since the holiday season is upon us, we also thought we’d make our first Chilean recipe something a little festive. Would you believe we actually found a Christmas recipe right off the bat – the Pan de Pascua. Now Pascua actually translates to Easter in Spanish, but in Chile they use Navidad and Pascua interchangeably. So today’s recipe is a Chilean Christmas Cake! Santa's helper Continue reading

When Comfort is in Order

Whether you need a little comfort after a night on Bourbon Street, Bourbon Street

or it’s just been one of those days, this recipe will do the trick. bourbon street by day

And it’s not just a comfort food dish. It’s also a quintessential New Orleans recipe that’s just downright delicious. New Orleans Continue reading

A Moment of Silence

We will be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled weekly post. Tonight we’re going to have a quiet night at home embracing what matters most. We don’t normally comment on current events or the state of the world here at Eat, Play, Love, but today’s tragedy hits a little too close to home. And sometimes, words just aren’t enough. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those touched by this senseless and unthinkable event.

We also want to send up a little love for our dear friend, loved pet and quite frankly the boss of our house. Fuzzball, seen here cooking with Miss A not that long ago, was laid to rest today. Continue reading

Fostering Another Contender

Today’s post is another installment in our French Toast Madness Tournament AND a stateside adventure. Today’s recipe comes to you from none other than the Big Easy. NOLA

The Crescent City. Jackson Square

New Orleans, Louisiana! French Quarter Continue reading