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Think Globally, Drink Locally – Prairie State Winery

A few weeks ago, Mr. N and Miss A spent the night with their cousin at my parents’ house. As you can imagine the grandparents are soaking up every available second with the kids before our departure. My mom is convinced Mr. N will be shaving by the time we return and that Miss A will also grow beyond recognition. Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

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Tonight we’ll be celebrating Christmas Eve together – the four of us – with a seafood pasta¬†from the Bartolini kitchens, mom’s (Grammmie’s) cookies and a drive around town to see the lights. Our kitchens are a little slower this year, but here’s a holiday round-up from a few years ago with many of our seasonal favorites.

We wish you all a very happy holiday season! May your hearts be full and your smiles bright.


Last Minute Shopping?

Are you finished shopping for the holidays yet? Do you still have a few last minute gifts that need purchasing? Groceries to buy? Errands to run? Or maybe you even need another recipe or two for the festivities. Such a busy time of year! Continue reading



By Chef Dad (Mike)

Miss A turned eight at school last week.  At her school, the kids recognize summertime birthdays before they let out for the year, so each kid can have a little celebration.  Her birthday actually falls in July, but as regular readers of the blog know, we’re headed off on sabbatical in just a few short weeks, which means we’ve reached the end of second grade for our little girl, and sixth grade for our increasingly less little boy. Continue reading

Ice Wine Beggars Purse

Planning for a Sabbatical in Three Months (And Cooking with Ice Wine)

We are wheels up exactly one month from today! But first we’re gearing up for the holidays. Continue reading


One More Pie

It is now officially the holiday season, and with that, we bring you our giveaway winners! Continue reading