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The Rhythm of the Night

By Chef Dad

Greetings from Spain!  Kristy has been known to throw in the occasional YouTube link to an old pop song, and while I’ve got the keys to the blog, it seems only fair to keep up the tradition.  (Side note: I let the VEVO channel keep running in the background, spinning ’80s pop tunes and within about four songs I got Rick-rolled.)  But today’s song is, I think, a pretty good one to have stuck in your head. Continue reading


If You’re Happy & You Know It…(Eating in Madrid)

As you saw from the kids’ post, we arrived safe in Europe and spent several wonderful days in Madrid. It’s taken us about a week to recover from the jet lag. Fortunately we weren’t in much of a rush since Spain’s day runs later than ours.


Miss A at her favorite cafe in Madrid – Capuccino’s.

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Madrid – Through Their Eyes

We made it to Madrid safe and sound (after a very turbulent flight – cue more grey hair!). The following pictures are from Mr. N and Miss A’s perspectives  (or were directed by Mr. N and Miss A), and were selected by them for this post. The kids LOVE Madrid. Continue reading

Step 9: Repack the bags the next day with greater efficiency in mind.

Departure (and how to prepare for it)

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Forever…. Continue reading


Going Greek

Happy New Year! Today’s post will be brief, but delicious! It’s our first recipe of the year, and it’s also our last before the big adventureContinue reading

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Think Globally, Drink Locally – Prairie State Winery

A few weeks ago, Mr. N and Miss A spent the night with their cousin at my parents’ house. As you can imagine the grandparents are soaking up every available second with the kids before our departure. My mom is convinced Mr. N will be shaving by the time we return and that Miss A will also grow beyond recognition. Continue reading